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harga boiler 500 kg

4. Energy efficient

Boiler fuel is fully burned, reducing exhaust heat loss, heat loss, and improving boiler thermal efficiency (up to 98%).

During installation, the technical team fast harga boiler 500 kg plant according to the specific needs of our environment, our rational arrangement of stacks, pipes, and other auxiliary equipment, let us bring a lot of convenience in the latter part of the course. Fang fast responsible attitude also gives us impressed, sent a technical team for installation, commissioning and training to us, let us rest assured, peace of mind, peace of mind. --customer feedback

Fluidized bed combustion (FBC) technology has been widely used in China for heat and power generation since the early 1960s due to its wide fuel flexibility, excellent emission control and wide range of load adjustability. In the late 1980s, this technology is developed into circulating fluidized bed combustion due to its advantage in scaling up and higher efficiency. Nowadays, the total number of FBC harga boiler 500 kgs put into operation in China is about 4000, and about 3,000 of them are CFB ones.

Horizontal small steam harga boiler 500 kg which requires several parts and maintenance? Horizontal small steam boiler maintenance is more important, can reduce equipment operational failure, improve the life of the boiler, it is worthy of attention task. 1, meter maintenance: (1) cleaning surfaces, clean (2) replacement of packing, gasket (3) Repair or replacement of the meter cock. 2, gauge calibration: calibration gauge (1) sealed with the lead (2) Removing the water reservoir and bends and three-way cock check rust. 3, the safety valve: (1) timely maintenance and adjustment of the relief valve (2) replace the damaged parts. 4, boiler maintenance: (1) removing the soot surface and the inner surface of the heating surface dirt. Welding and expansion joint (2) Check the boiler. (3) Maintenance of water wall tubes. (4) external boiler becomes bright paint. (5) boiler operating at full capacity for more than 6 years or disable more than 1 year, shall hydrostatic test. 1 year after the operation, internal and external checks. 5, the furnace walls and furnace maintenance: (1) repair and replace the damaged boiler steel. (2) of the furnace, the furnace wall overhaul and repair of the furnace wall smoke leakage, leakage defects and internal corrosion of the furnace wall. (3) Insulation repair. 6, maintenance needs coal furnace slag and coal bucket processing apparatus: (1) a furnace overhaul and cleaners. (2) for maintenance of the hydraulic drive system, replacement of the cylinder. (3) the burner regulator. (4) running auxiliary motor is running.