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What qualifications have is a good boiler company

Boiler low-emission transformation is an important measure in the national high-handed policy of environmental protection, many production companies are faced with the boiler being used in whole or part of the transformation, we can say that the market demand is very large.

The modular Gas-fired steam boiler installation should pay attention to the problem of gas steam boiler, especially small and medium gas boiler modules, mostly fast-mounted boiler, short installation period. But in order to make better use of the boiler, and to be more efficient and better complete boiler installation, you can familiarize yourself with the steam boiler installation considerations: 1, to seriously study the relevant information about the personnel to seriously study "steam boiler safety technology to monitor the process." ( 96), boiler drawings, installation instructions and other technical documents in order to understand and master the installation, lifting, running and other matters. 2, organization and staffing: boiler installation unit must be installed in line with qualifications of boiler installation range of the higher authorities issued by the boiler unit boiler installation work should be specifically responsible, responsible to get in touch with the local supervisory bodies boiler, installation fill this book . Fireman when they need to participate in the boiler installation, and with a plumber, fitter, rigger, cold work, and welders and helpers. 3, a mounting position (1), the best choice for the installation site location near the steam, wherein the length of tubing object, reduced capital costs, reduce heat loss. (2), to facilitate drainage. (3) to facilitate the fuel and ash deposit and transport. (4), open the boiler installation and transportation. (5), boiler room layout should be consistent with the Ministry of Labor "Steam Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" (96) Chapter VIII of the boiler room, the light should be sufficient, good ventilation, ground water should, in order to ensure operation and maintenance operations convenient, 3 m spare furnace, the furnace spare 2.5-3 meters, both spare not less than 1 meter. (6), boiler room non-toxic and flammable materials stacked. (7), leading to the boiler room outside the doors should open outwards, lounge windows should be opened outwards.

Using Method 2 tons of gas steam boiler 1, to check before the start of attachment deaerator water level control valve, water level alarm, steam pressure control valve, seal means (previously filled with water) and a variety of instrumentation has been in the supervision normal state, does not meet the operational requirements should be adjusted. 2, slowly start the pump inlet, inlet temperature and pressure recording. 3, the water level regulating valve before the valve is opened, the bypass valve is closed. 4, the exhaust valve slightly open top. 5, opening the upper valve tube steam heating tank, the heating temperature in the tank. 6, the valve is opened the steam pressure regulating valve for steam heating, inlet pressure and temperature recording 7, when the water level has reached the level indicated in Table normal level (1/2 water gauge), a thermometer indicator tank is about 104 deg.] C, starting feed pump, open the water supply valve, from start to normal supply about half an hour. 8, deaerator during normal operation, the upper portion of the exhaust valve opening degree of about 1/4 turn around. 9, the steam supply valve is closed upper deaerator steam heating tubes. 10, at regular intervals laboratory water, water's oxygen content, record the value of various supervision instruments.

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