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automatic feeding straw pellet fired boiler

Boiler is a specific type of automatic feeding straw pellet fired boiler, but also a website product and key words, therefore, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive understanding and understanding, because only in this way, can the proper operation of the boiler and obtain a good use effect, and then, It has good economic benefits in its economic performance. 1. How to ensure the safety of boiler use? To ensure the safety of boiler use, we can proceed from the following aspects: (1) strictly control the operating pressure of the boiler, do not allow it to exceed the prescribed range, once there is a tendency to exceed the prescribed upper limit value, Immediate measures should be taken to address and eliminate. (2) strict control Good boiler temperature, because if the boiler temperature is too high, it will lead to the failure of the furnace tube, resulting in various problems, and affect the normal operation of the boiler. (3) regular boiler maintenance should be carried out. In order to ensure its service performance and service life, (4) in the boiler self-designed design and structure, we should also avoid problems, can not have design defects. Is the boiler oven simple? Boiler oven, from a professional point of view, the operation is not difficult and complex. The temperature of furnace water should be kept in the range of 70 ℃-80 ℃, and the furnace temperature should be raised. It should be carried out slowly to ensure the uniform expansion of all parts of the boiler. 3. Is there a requirement for the upper limit of the boiler's temperature? In boilers, at present, there is no mandatory requirement for the upper limit of temperature, but according to practical operating experience, do not exceed 300 degrees, because if the temperature exceeds 300 degrees, The boiler combustion will be unstable and prone to carbon deposition. In the temperature difference, it is about 10 degrees is better. 4. What is the pressure in the boiler? In this kind of boiler, there are two kinds of pressure, operation pressure and saturated steam pressure, but this is under the condition that the medium of boiler is liquid phase circulation. And, when When the operating pressure of the boiler is low and the temperature is 350 ℃, the operating pressure of the boiler is 0.0588 MPA and the saturated steam pressure of water is 16.43 MPA.

In the past few years, several large-size CFB plant automatic feeding straw pellet fired boilers (over 100 MWe) have entered service and are operating successfully. On the basis of this experience,CFB boilers up to 400 MWe in size are now being offered with full commercial guarantees.Such large CFB boilers will be of interest to countries with strict emission regulations or the need to reduce emissions, and to countries with both a large need for additional power and low grade indigenous solid fuel.

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The furnace product belongs to the basic type gas automatic feeding straw pellet fired boiler, condensing gas boiler, a low nitrogen gas boiler are developed on the basis of production.