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Advantages over ordinary supplier 20t boiler plant tajikistan condensing boiler First, look at the working principle of condensing boiler: the combustion of natural gas after the steam generation, the water vapor is condensed by the technology is condensed into liquid water, thereby recovering heat of the exhaust gas, the temperature of the flue gas is discharged greatly reduced to 40-70 degrees (normal temperature of the boiler exhaust gas at 140-200 ° C). Compared with ordinary boilers condensing boiler, the three major advantages, namely: One advantage: energy-saving thermal efficiency condensing boilers up to 109%, while ordinary boiler thermal efficiency is about 93%. Simply put, the thermal efficiency directly determines the energy loss problem, the higher thermal efficiency, better energy efficiency; on the contrary, the lower thermal efficiency, the more powerful energy. Naturally play a crucial role in the issue of heating costs. Condensing boiler heating boiler energy efficient than the average of about 35%, naturally, more cost savings. Two advantages: long life first condensing boiler built stainless steel heat exchanger and the boiler is typically a copper heat exchanger, and the outer surface of the heat exchanger of a condensing boiler is also wrapped in a layer of special composites, greatly improving the life of the boiler, the general life of 30 years, ordinary boiler is only about 15 years. Three advantages: Super Green nitrogen oxide emissions less than 35mg / kwh very environmentally friendly, far below European standards. Europe has been very common use of condensing boilers, China in recent years have begun to pay attention to environmental problems. Advantages condensing boiler no doubt, however, that the higher the boiler on the use of environmental requirements, in our country, the use of condensing boilers also fully reached the degree of fire, which also needs to further promote national policy.

There are reasons for the excellent quality gas steam supplier 20t boiler plant tajikistan which modern production technology to ensure many of the original device to achieve a higher quality of use, such as a gas steam boiler, through design optimization and various structural technologies to ensure a higher combustion efficiency and more reliable functional effects, and the use of such gas steam boiler is undoubtedly a better quality to improve the environment of today's heating, gas and steam boiler quality is superior, there are several reasons. First, high-quality design and more sophisticated planning functions. Good functional and reliable regulating effect, can make use of this quality gas steam boiler has been greatly enhanced, and the top gas steam boiler operation to ensure a more precise effect through optimal adjustment of structure to a more flexible and efficient mode improve the quality of this gas using steam boilers of its own design to let this gas steam boiler has a higher functional effect and more reliable security, customers using this gas steam boiler has to ensure a more efficient function mode and more high-quality security; Second, good safety management and start-stop after-sale protection. Over the structure of the device offers a range of professional start-stop control device to ensure that the risk of emergency treatment options, and good after-sales gas steam boiler with a high quality of maintenance of safety equipment and better after-sales support to maintain the effect of use of the product, through a comprehensive security performance of the economy of this gas steam boiler has been greater play, but also to ensure greater use of quality, but also by virtue of this security strategy so that operation of the gas steam boiler has better protection ; sum up a series of sophisticated design and high quality raw materials to make the quality of this gas steam boiler has been greatly improved, and customers to buy high-quality gas steam boiler will be able to enjoy its structure and to bring security and so on advantage, so customers understand the kind of had to find out about their use and mode of operation when gas steam boiler, in order to better after-sales support and a more comprehensive system designed to achieve a higher quality of combustion.

Steam pipe standard temperature difference and whether important protection supplier 20t boiler plant tajikistan: Steam boilers of this kind, if you want to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding, then, for the moment, everyone's state of knowledge, it can not reach this level, so, still we want to continue to learn, so in order to let everyone compliance as soon as possible, and to improve learning efficiency. Now, with specific requirements, then the following, without further ado, immediately to it, so as not to waste time. 1. Small steam boilers, whether they need to be inspected? Steam boiler and that the test is for the volume greater than 0.25 cubic meters, or boiler pressure is greater than 0.1MPa. So, depending on whether small boilers in this range in order to be judged. In addition, we also need to know that, for steam boilers and pressure this kind are generally exemption. 2. Steam Boiler Tube used, whether there are different standards? Steam boiler, steel they use, there is a different standard, because, GB / T3625 and NB / T47019 these two criteria, which is a standard aspect of the use of steel pipes, etc., and NB / T47019, it is for the procurement of steel standards, therefore, will have this conclusion. And, on this issue, that the answer is yes. 3. steam boilers, thermal protection important? What are the specific device? In this kind of boiler steam boiler it can be said that temperature protection is very important, because it is to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, and this is a fastidious. Therefore, a question answered, Yes. And in particular its means for a bimetal temperature controller which, because it is more commonly used.

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