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Dongying City, Shandong Province in response to low-nitrogen coal-fired boiler feed pump 11010001 v2s, industrial waste heat recycling and other environmental policies, combined with local conditions, Dali urban and rural areas to promote clean heating projects, and achieved remarkable results. As of mid-October this year, Dongying City clean heating rate of more than 72%.

Recently, Dongying Municipal Urban Management Bureau to the outside world, in order to further promote the urban and rural clean heating, it has already shut down 10 coal-fired boilers environmental non-compliance of a total of 155MW.

After shutting down 10 coal-fired boilers environmental non-compliance, Dongying City high environmental standards were established in a total of four 58MW gas-fired boiler and a total of four 70MW coal-water slurry boiler through a series of energy-saving treatment, flue gas emissions much higher than the index of new environmentally friendly ultra-low emission requirements.

Meanwhile, Dongying City, the original heating effect is also unsatisfactory 4.33 million square meters of heating regions to establish a uniform heating systems, and the use of standards to ensure clean heat source; higher operating costs for the original 2.17 million square meters of heating area heat source replacement process, both to ensure good heating effect but also saves a lot of money.

According to statistics, this year the city of Dongying city plans to add a total area of ​​clean warm 8.1138 million square meters, down to the next new clean heating in rural areas 45000.

Recently, Dongying City issued a "Dongying City 2018-- 2020 coal consumption reduction alternative work" (the "Program"), after the completion of the city's 10 steam tons / hour and small coal-fired boilers zero and start steaming for 35 out of work t / h coal-fired boilers and, as of 2020, out of 35 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers.

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Gas boiler feed pump 11010001 v2 misfire diagnostic reasons: gas boiler is not only cleaner and more environmentally friendly, fuel efficiency and performance is also higher than other types of boiler fuel many universal coverage in industrial processing and production of all walks of life, in the chemical production, food processing, textiles, paper and other industries are using. Many users use gas-fired boilers to us that when the boiler has just started, the point will appear without fire.

Popular Science: gas boiler feed pump 11010001 v2 superheater reheater + What is the role? Superheater and reheater is an important part of the gas boiler, both the enthalpy of steam can be increased, thereby improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Superheater effect is saturated steam into superheated steam heated to a certain temperature. Action reheater is heated turbine exhaust gas to the high pressure cylinder and the superheated steam temperature is equal (or close) reheat temperature, and then sent to the low pressure cylinder and pressure cylinder in expansion work. Superheater and reheater in the higher temperature working medium gas boiler means, and the superheated steam, especially reheat steam heat absorption (the ability of the cooling tubes) is poor, how to make long-term security of the metallic pipe into a superheated and reheaters important design and operational problems. In the design and operation of the superheater and reheater, it should be noted that the following problems: 1, the operation should remain stable steam temperature, steam temperature fluctuations should not exceed 5 ~ 10 ℃. 2, superheater and reheater have reliable temperature control means, so that the nominal operating conditions can be maintained when the steam temperature changes within a certain range. 3, try to prevent or reduce the thermal variation between the parallel tubes.