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But because of water quality problems, so can easily result in a fine diameter pipe scaling, or even blocked. And because of its parallel manner (e.g., by way of serial interfaces, interfaces intermediate too, the inner surface is not smooth, easier scale, and need to consider the expansion, leakage and other issues), wherein a particularly likely to cause the occurrence of scaling phenomenon unit then the cells are more prone to fouling the scaling, fouling the more easy to scale, all impurities are in many cycles in this cell block. And because the other three units in the unit after blocked, water can still walk normally, all fouling of the cell it is not easy to be found, the 6t supplier boiler industrial moldavia will not prompt alarm. Until the unit due to the long dry leaking, causing the failure, the user will know, but it was too late to repair, must be completely replaced.

The bed temperature control parameters directly affect the important safety CFB 6t supplier boiler industrial moldavia can run continuously, but also directly affects the generation of boiler operation of the desulfurization efficiency and NOx. Usually ultra high temperature CFB boiler bed temperature control between 790V~900 ° C, the temperature of the furnace is the optimum temperature to achieve desulfurization. Not only will decrease the bed temperature is too low boiler efficiency, it will result in the boiler unstable and prone to fire. Bed temperature is too high will cause the furnace desulfurization efficiency decreases and the amount of NOx will be greatly increased, but also likely to cause material coking furnace bed, and if the situation coking furnace bed material must be shutdown occurs. Therefore bed temperature control is critical for ultra-high temperature boiler CFB.

The identification of Fangkuai 6t supplier boiler industrial moldavia plant softened water pollution type should integrate raw water quality, design parameters, pollution index and operation record. Equipment performance changes and microbial indicators to judge: (1) Colloidal contamination: colloid contamination, usually accompanied by the following two characteristics: a, in the pretreatment of the micro-filter clogging very fast, especially the pressure difference increased very fast, B, The SDI value is usually above 2.5. (2) microbial contamination: when microbial contamination occurs, the total number of bacteria in both water and concentrated water of RO equipment is relatively high, and must not be maintained and sterilized according to the requirements in peacetime. 3 pot Calcareous scale: can be judged by raw water quality and design parameters. For carbonate water, if the recovery rate is 75%, the LSI of the concentrated liquid should be less than 1 if the recovery rate is 75%, and the LSI of the concentrated liquid should be less than zero when the scale inhibitor is not added, and the calcium scale will not be produced generally. 4 the performance changes of different parts of the test assembly can be judged by the 1-inch 4-inch PVC plastic tube inserted into the assembly. (5) judging the type of pollution according to the change of equipment performance. (6) pickling (such as citric acid, dilute HNO3) can be used to judge calcium scale according to the cleaning effect and cleaning fluid, and through the analysis of the composition of the cleaning fluid, the evidence of one-step progress can be obtained. Real. Chemical analysis of cleaning fluid: taking raw water, cleaning liquid, cleaning fluid, three sample analysis.

Recently, we learned: Rugao City, Jiangsu Province Supervisor Bureau Jiang Security Bureau adhere to safety first, prevention first, the principle of comprehensive management of energy saving, in-depth implementation of 6t supplier boiler industrial moldavia production, sale, use, import and other aspects of business within the jurisdiction of the main energy saving responsibility inherent jurisdiction to conduct a hazard investigation work boiler.

Inspection process, City Supervisor Bureau Jiang branch of law enforcement personnel to go to boiler units, key to see whether there are coal-fired boilers, boiler inspection whether, whether for the use of registration, whether special equipment operator certificates, boiler safety management system developed and the status of implementation, boiler employees education and training, and emergency rescue drills to conduct audits, establish inspection records and ledger work, to maximize the elimination of security risks.

Up to now, there were still not found the use of coal-fired boiler of Unit within the jurisdiction. City Supervisor Bureau Jiang Security Bureau will continue to work closely with the various departments work together to advance environmental protection and ecological civilization construction work to further strengthen supervision to achieve a comprehensive cleared coal-fired boilers.