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6t Commercial Condensing Boiler Armenia

SZS Gas fired water tube 6t commercial condensing boiler armenia for sale takes gas, liquid, steel making waste gas, coke oven gas, other waste gases and liquids as fuel. It is equipped with the most modern combustion equipment and automatic control system to ensure the most safe and economical operation.

Our paper packaging industry from the beginning of reform and opening up to today, we used 37 years to basically build a modern industrial system package. Bring a new era of paper packaging industry is a complicated international environment and arduous domestic reform, development and stability of the new normal, paper packaging industry is facing enormous challenges.

Small 6t commercial condensing boiler armenia water volume, faster heat transfer, either warming or boost quickly. After 5 minutes the ignition to start the output of hot water and steam required, and water separator with a high performance, to ensure the quality of steam and hot water.

2. Combustion system

The combustion system of the boiler consists of a furnace, a flue, a burner, an air preheater, etc. Its main task is to make the fuel burn well in the furnace and release heat.