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leather industry boiler in mauritania

3, the fuel of choice

Most of the fuel gas steam boiler is natural gas, with natural gas pipelines, liquefied natural gas and gas pressure category; where the liquefied natural gas using a broader scope, we can also make a reasonable choice according to the local energy situation.

(2) To complete the installation of the leather industry boiler in mauritania, repair and renovation, enterprises should first obtain credentials for the job in this regard, not blindly, to avoid problems.

Condensing leather industry boiler in mauritanias can be used in enterprises, hotels, military, railway stations, airports, factories, hospitals, schools and other occasions. Its main use features are: high thermal efficiency - more money; exhaust gas temperature is low - more environmentally friendly; output medium temperature - good steam / hot water quality; high safety factor - once an exception occurs immediately start the alarm system.

Since more than six months since the leather industry boiler in mauritania equipment, heating and hot water supply well, our technical staff also view real-time remote monitoring and control through the use of the boiler to the scene, Baiyun Quan Lake hotel management staff related to our technical staff gave very great encouragement and affirmation. --customer feedback