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National Energy Board was held on October 30 press conference, announced the first three quarters of this year, mainly energy situation, renewable energy grid operation, the third quarter 12,398 Energy Regulatory hotline complaint inadmissible situation, but also on "on the strengthening of the power industry cybersecurity guidance of "interpretation.

The first three quarters of energy consumption will continue to pick up, and constantly improve the quality of supply, and further optimize the energy structure, promote energy transformation continued, the main indicators better than expected, reflected in six aspects.

First, the rapid growth of energy consumption.

1, coal consumption continued to pick up. The first three quarters, driven by growth in coal consumption, coal consumption growth picked up. According to preliminary industry statistics, the proportion of total coal consumption of coal accounts for about 53.9%, an increase of about 2.3 percentage points over the same period last year.

2, oil consumption is relatively stable. The first three quarters, apparent consumption of oil increased by about 3.4%, growth was flat with last year.

3, rapid growth in natural gas consumption. The first three quarters, the apparent consumption of natural gas increased by about 16.7 percent, the growth rate down 0.8 percentage points over the same period last year.

4, the rapid growth of electricity consumption. The first three quarters, total electricity consumption grew by 8.9% year on year, the growth rate increased by 2 percentage points over the same period last year, the highest six-year high.

Second, continue to promote energy transformation.

1, continue to optimize the structure of power installed. Clean energy power generation capacity in the first three quarters, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, and solar power together, the total installed capacity of 36.4%, 1.4 percentage points over last year; clean energy generating capacity grew 8.9%, higher than the growth rate of the thermal power by 2.0 percentage points .

2, electricity consumption structure was further optimized. The first three quarters, the four energy-intensive industries the proportion of electricity which fell 0.5 percentage points, tertiary and residential proportion of total electricity consumption increased by 1 percentage point.

Third, the quality of energy supply and gradually increase.

1, to coal production, ensure supply, stable prices marked success. The first eight months, the cumulative excess resolve the coal production capacity of about 100 million tons, completed 67% of the annual task.

2, resolve to further promote coal overcapacity. Relevant local and enterprise-wide combing less than 300,000 kW coal units, investigation of energy efficiency and environmental non-compliance unit to implement the 2018 coal industry, eliminate backward production capacity goal.

Fourth, make up the short board energy projects to accelerate.

1, natural gas security of supply capacity significantly enhanced. Natural gas pipeline network interconnection, gas storage facilities, gas prices and other work to accelerate the merger.

2, energy Huimin construction speed. Clean warm northern steadily. In two batches to arrange 12 billion yuan central budget for investment, focusing on upgrading rural power grids "Three Tri-State area," the depth of poverty-stricken areas.

3, project reserves of energy make up the short board to speed up the implementation of the work.

Five pilot power system reform in full swing.

The provincial power grid transmission and distribution tariff reform to achieve full coverage. Cross inter-provincial renewable electricity spot trading further promote the pilot.

Sixth, the energy efficiency of the sector, improving overall efficiency.

The first eight months, gross profit increased by 25.1%, accounting for 17.8% of industrial enterprises increased by 5 percentage points over the same period last year.

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