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balanced draft water tube boiler


Recently, Guangdong Province issued a "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standards" (DB44 / 765-2019) (hereinafter referred to as the "standard").

A "standard" in the context of the implementation province domain for coal, oil, 65 tons of steam per hour and the material forming steam boiler burning fuel gas and raw, hot water boilers of various capacities and organic heat carrier boiler; stoker of various capacities, stoker furnace.

Second, the implementation of the emission limits of air pollutants specified in Table 1 of the boiler since July 1, 2019, since 2020 July 1 implementation of air pollutant emission limits specified in Table 2.

Third, the new boiler since April 1, 2019 (the date of the present embodiment standard) executed from air pollutants emission limits specified in Table 2.

Fourth, not the implementation of clean energy transformation of 35 tons of steam per hour and higher coal-fired boiler from January 1, 2021, implementation of the provisions of air pollutants emission limits in Table 3 in particular.

ZG circulating fluidized bed balanced draft water tube boiler hot water boiler can be interior decoration, but also can open layout, could burn anthracite, bituminous, lignite and coal and other relatively low calorific value fuel, fuel burnout rate is up to 99%, energy saving and environmental protection effect is evidently.

When the oil-fired balanced draft water tube boiler without water or road accident ruptured action when the oil-fired boiler during operation without water, steam consumption for reasons outside the network losses, the situation may lead to boiler pressure drop, water and other furnace, because they can not supply water to the boiler , fireman should closely monitor water level gauge, pressure gauge, pressure gauge and found water table drops to limit prescribed run, shutdown should take measures to prevent water accidents. For various reasons when the pipe rupture accident occurred outside the network into the water in the system will be a huge loss, pressure heating boiler pressure less than the required operating pressure, but too large to fill water, large boiler heat loss, affecting the normal heating, should quickly Take measures. 1, first, determine the loss of pipe section, close the tubing segment, to minimize the impact on user heating. 2, organize personnel to repair and restore heating as soon as possible, while preventing the user during repairs to stop warming radiator pipes and cracking. 3, boiler operators to closely monitor fuel pressure gauge and thermometer readings, step up inspections to prevent accidents. 4, when a large amount of water loss outside the network must be shutdown, to deal with artificial pressure boiler taking fire, separated from the door, close the heating valve, open short-circuit loop. 5, after the troubleshooting is complete, water treatment confirmed intact before informing the boiler operation. These are the measures When the incident handling of oil-fired boilers without water or torn in hope for your help, of course, if you have any better way to welcome you to our online communication.

When we buy gas balanced draft water tube boiler, often hear the latent heat recovery boiler, which was hot denitration jargon and technical personnel from the mouth, then the latent and sensible heat are what the meaning of it?