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small capacity aac plant supplier

In a word, small capacity aac plant supplier corrosion is caused by the lack of knowledge of hot water heating. In particular, a large amount of supplementary water is the most harmful, it not only replenishes a large amount of dissolved oxygen, but also because of the large amount of water replenishment and the overloading of the water treatment equipment, often replenishes the unqualified water with high chlorine content in the system in order to ensure the replenishment water quantity. Because of the low PH value of furnace water and the high concentration of hydrogen ion, hydrogen will undergo cathodic reaction in the presence of ulcer corrosion. When dissolved oxygen is present in the water, the presence of chloride will greatly increase the corrosion rate of iron, which is absorbed by the oxide film on the metal surface and replaced by the oxygen ion in the oxide film from the surface of the metal, and the corrosion rate of iron is greatly increased by the presence of chloride in the water. And forms soluble chloride, destroys the oxide film, causes the metal surface to continue to be corroded. The ideal boiler operation system should be basically tight and unleaking, in which the fixed quantity of water is circulating repeatedly, and the process of endothermic and exothermic is carried out. After circulating, the dissolved oxygen in the water has been absorbed by iron and becomes oxygen-free water, which will not cause serious corrosion to the boiler.

Zhengzhou Sunrise Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. by the Dongxu Group, Henan Province, the state-owned asset management companies and Zhengzhou Investment Holdings Limited jointly made, mainly engaged in flat panel display and solar industry design materials, manufacturing and sales operations. Sunrise Optoelectronics project has been put into a production line, the second phase will continue the expansion, three new production lines to meet the production needs of Project Phase II, Sunrise Optoelectronics urgent need to increase new small capacity aac plant supplier equipment. After investigation and screening of a number of boiler brands, determined to cooperate with the fast boiler, steam signed a 10-ton integrated condensing gas steam boiler (WNS10-1.25-Y.Q).

Pharmaceutical small capacity aac plant supplier furnace wall construction standards What? Pharmaceutical boiler furnace wall construction standards What? Boiler furnace wall construction pharmaceutical companies to do four main criteria: heat insulation, sealing and solidifying. Following small four simple analytical done for everyone. (1) Heat pharmaceutical boiler long-running under high temperature conditions, the inner wall of the furnace wall to withstand temperatures will naturally be relatively high, so the steam boiler furnace wall construction must ensure that their heat resistance, as well as to adapt to the effects of repeated temperature changes . Insulation effect (2) thermal insulation pharmaceutical boiler is very good, it directly affects the operation of the boiler thermal efficiency of pharmaceutical, and thus indirectly affect the production of pharmaceutical benefits. Because the effective insulation of the boiler, the boiler heat loss naturally is relatively small, so the heat inside the boiler unit of time that can supply naturally relatively high. External force (3) pharmaceutical firm boiler more obvious, then, you need to have a furnace wall robustness, to prevent it from suffering more serious damage. Seal (4) sealed boiler is very good, can effectively prevent the occurrence of air leakage phenomenon, in order to prevent abnormal combustion process or a large heat losses and so on. In short, the furnace walls to create standard boiler subject to the normal demand, we can achieve more favorable results.

Poor water quality caused by damage to the small capacity aac plant supplier: poor water quality, means the water contains a lot of impurities. Boiler feed water may contain impurities in the raw water are: suspended solids, colloids, organic matter, inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, and the dissolved gas. If this water without any treatment, once inside the boiler, will bring the following hazards: