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Gas-fired steam manufacturers 4t diesel boiler lithuania: 20 tons of gas boiler gas consumption calculation method outlined gas boiler China is now the most common heating enterprises use boilers. Henan gas steam boiler many enterprises will choose the main heat boiler 20 t most gas boiler operation. The 20 tons of gas boiler gas consumption is how much? Gas boiler gas consumption and how to calculate it? There are a lot of users do not know how to calculate the gas consumption of the gas boiler at the time of purchase Pa Leishi boiler. Now, Palei Shi Xiao Bian tell you, the low calorific value gas boiler gas consumption depends on how much gas. For example, if natural gas heat value 8600kcal / Nm3, it produces steam 79Nm3 / ton. Of course, because of the different quality of natural gas supply regions, different quality gas boiler, mix the amount of air is different. So these numbers are all estimates out. A thermal efficiency of the gas boiler is 88% calculated, if the use of a high thermal efficiency of the boiler, then the gas boiler will be a corresponding decrease in gas consumption. Running costs of gas-fired boiler popular impact natural gas supply, local gas prices significantly affect the level of air consumption and operating costs of gas-fired boiler. The gas boiler thermal efficiency of its operation also determines the efficiency of natural gas use. US imports of Pa Leishi thermal efficiency gas boiler is 90%. The atmosphere is a premixed commercial cast iron boilers. Its strong thermal efficiency can effectively improve the efficiency of use of natural gas, in the same amount of natural gas use, Pa Leishi boilers can effectively reduce the air consumption of gas boilers, to reduce the use of natural gas to users, cost reduction effect.

2. manufacturers 4t diesel boiler lithuania heat losses can be reduced, thereby improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler;

3. protect the furnace wall, the furnace wall temperature is greatly reduced, so that the thickness can be thinned to reduce the weight and simplify the structure of the furnace;

How should the implementation of its oil-fired manufacturers 4t diesel boiler lithuania smoke and dust, SO2 emission concentration limits? Answer: According to the State Environmental Protection Administration, Central Division-standard [1996] No. 067 document "on the implementation of the standard oil-fired boiler emissions of air pollutants notice" emission limits of air pollutants fuel boilers should be performed with reference to standard coal-fired boilers. Therefore, oil-fired boiler in accordance with its installation (project) the time, the sulfur content of the fuel and the Area performed GB1327-91 soot, SO2 emission standards.

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