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17.5 MW SHX series circulating fluidized bed hot water china rice husk fired boilers manufacturesindustrial rice boilers for heating

Central heating is one of the infrastructures of modern cities and an

How to clean the china rice husk fired boilers manufacturesindustrial rice boilers after it is not in use

When the boiler is out of service for a long time, we should pay attention to the problem of anticorrosion and maintenance on the outside of the furnace. First, after the boiler shut down and cooled, the ash deposit on the heating surface and the ash from the upper part of the furnace row and the lower part of the furnace body must be removed thoroughly. Then keep the flue naturally ventilated. In general, desiccant should be placed in the furnace and flue in order to prevent moisture. If quicklime is used as desiccant, 3kg should be placed in each cubic meter furnace or flue. Close all ventilation doors after placement. The quicklime should be replaced after it becomes powdered. If the boiler room is low-lying and the surface overflows are serious during the shut-down period, the low-fire baking and desiccant phase should be used frequently. A combination of methods. If the boiler is shut down for a long time, apply reddish oil or other anti-corrosive paint to the outer surface of the furnace metal after thoroughly removing the soot. After the boiler shut down, the boiler, the wet water in the pot and the outside of the furnace body have the corrosion and rust of ash furnace slag, such as bad maintenance, the corrosion during the shutdown period is often more serious than the operation time. Then how to maintain after boiler shut down?

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660, home electric china rice husk fired boilers manufacturesindustrial rice boilers What are the characteristics with the improvement of living standards of the family now, almost every household will select one electric boiler before winter to keep warm, and this is a very common form of modern heating equipment, and the use in the home very convenient time, heating is also very effective. This current heating equipment in domestic heating stoves with very good performance, it is certain to generate steam after the use of electric water heating inside the can, then these vapors help to raise the temperature of the room. This electric boiler control system itself is made of steel and the computer housing and out of the water pipes and heating pipes composed of. There are a lot of people are worried about the use of such heating equipment will be very power, in fact, not of this household heating equipment is not very power, to join us in one hundred square meters of indoor area, then the daily consumption the amount that is about 50 degrees, and can reach more than 20 degrees to room temperature, the effect is very prominent. In fact, most of the rooms do have a warm compartment, so the room is very convenient and saves in the use of electric boiler heating will not cause a lot of waste heat. If your family does not do the insulation layer, then it may be a little bigger on power consumption, so we recommend that the walls be insulated household heating equipment before the room can give the best, this is the power of The main measures. This electric boiler when household use, very convenient, can be added at any time are water and temperature control, even when the temperature is high, we can also add water directly to the machine will not bring harm. Because it uses a special heating, so also in the use of life must be able to provide us with hot water.