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keeler water tube boiler

On the provision of hot water steam keeler water tube boilers, steam boilers now choose not simply be used in life, industry, steam boilers also have very good results, and this is choose the right specific requirements of steam boilers, strictly speaking, industrial production a suitable use of the market, you need to pay attention to the safety of the boiler, in the aspects of power plant or shipbuilding, competitive enterprises is quite clear where.

Condensing keeler water tube boiler heat exchanger fouling problems: As a new condensing boiler gas boiler, gas and water quality of a higher demand, if the purity is not enough gas, the burner can easily lead to pore plugging, whereas if the boiler water hardness is too high, it is easy to produce large scale, affecting the normal heat, thereby reducing the thermal efficiency of the boiler, a little serious, it also reduces the life of the boiler. Auxiliary heat exchanger is an important need for a condensing boiler, a good heat exchanger can be quickly transferred to the water, and then delivered to the end user. And if the case of heat exchanger fouling occurs, it will affect the results of the heat exchanger, or even a local high temperature, there is the risk of burst pipes or even boiler explosion. Boiler heat exchanger fouling is a very complex issue. From practical experience, the formation of fouling is substantially as follows: ① induction; ② soil particles to the heat transfer surface of the migration process; ③ soil particles in the heat transfer surfaces of the adsorption process; ④ fouling deposit hardening process; soil release ⑤ process. However, theoretically, in the formation of dirt while also accompanied by falling dirt.

Boiler by the keeler water tube boiler equipment components which mainly consists of the following major components: 1, "Pot" includes drum, headers, downcomers, water wall tubes. Their role is to heat water into saturated steam. 2, "furnace" (combustion apparatus) includes a combustion chamber (furnace), the burner grate and the like. Their role is to provide a venue for the fuel and good combustion conditions. 3, the header of the superheater tubes and serpentine, the action of saturated steam is superheated steam heated to the desired temperature. 4, the steam reheater section done work in the high pressure turbine cylinder reheated to the desired temperature, then returned to the low pressure turbine to continue acting cylinder. 5, using the economizer heating surface of the heating flue gas waste heat boiler feed water. 6, using the air preheater flue gas waste heat air-fuel combustion heating surface needed. 7, consisting of a shaped furnace wall and the furnace flue. 8, the framework (steel) and the support structure of the above-described apparatus components.

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