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We should take some effective measures to increase the use of gas hot water boiler company in malaysia of each machine in the course of people's need to take care of, otherwise there will be some unnecessary trouble. So, for professional gas hot water boiler, how to take effective way of protecting it? In normal use, always pay attention not only to the effect of gas hot water boiler should also take effective measures to increase its use. life. 1. maintain this pressure curing method is suitable for closed more than a week but does not fix the boiler. You can first of all the water drained pot, then scale furnace cleaning and re-add qualified demineralized water. Regular use of fire to warm water temperatures in summer gas hot water boiler is kept at 10 degrees. So, it can not be frozen in winter; water boiler should also periodically, to maintain the pressure in the boiler reaches the normal value, to prevent air from entering the drum. 2. Maintenance wet method is suitable for such maintenance has been closed less than a month's gas hot water boiler. After the shutdown, the water leaving the boiler a predetermined time, the internal cleaning impurities; second, all inlets and valve should be closed, completely separate from the operation of the boiler; and a special preparation of mercury. The basic solution was placed in a boiler protection; micro-wave oven should be used regularly in order to maintain the heated drying surface during the entire maintenance. 3. Maintenance dried dry for long maintenance downtime gas hot water boiler. Need to drain water and to remove impurities, followed by the complete separation of operation in the boiler; a suitable amount of moisture absorbed by the desiccant in the boiler, and require direct contact with a heated surface not desiccant boiler. Within a month, you should check whether the desiccant in the boiler and no corrosion. The method of the above three aspects is cured gas hot water boiler. When using the boiler, regular inspection, pay special attention to corrosion of steel. If long ignored corrosion problems, it will have unpredictable consequences. Therefore, maintaining high stability is essential for the gas hot water boiler.

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By the end of 2018, Wu'an Municipal People's Government of Hebei Province issued a notice on the issuance of "blue sky Wu'an winning three-year action plan to defend the war", referring to the notification: By the end of 2019, the city has a depth of discharge conditions for reconstruction the coal-fired units completed in-depth treatment, meet the relevant standards. Implementation of coal-fired power management depth. Implementation of coal-fired power plants and coal-fired units emission performance management, emissions of coal-fired units to assess the performance rankings, and resolutely out of shutting down environmental protection, energy consumption, security is not up to 300,000 ten million coal-fired units.

First, the implementation of in-depth treatment of coal-fired power plant

Implementation of coal-fired power plants and coal-fired units emission performance management, emissions of coal-fired units to assess the performance rankings, and resolutely out of shutting down environmental protection, energy consumption, safety and other 300,000 kilowatts coal-fired units of non-compliance. 2018, 2019, 2020, respectively, by province and Handan given task given the amount of closed down. Heating demand complete transformation of 600,000 kilowatts grade pure condensing units, high-capacity, high-parameter units accounting for 90%


Special action to carry out deeper cuts power industry, coal-fired units in the original ultra-low emissions, based on the further optimization of operational management, improve pollution control facilities, improving removal efficiency, the implementation of colored smoke plume power plant management. Before the end of 2019, the city has deeper emission coal-fired units to complete the transformation of the conditions of the depth of management, meet the relevant standards.

Second, to carry out special treatment industrial furnaces

The development of industrial furnaces comprehensive remediation plan to carry out an intensive investigation of industrial furnaces, establish classification list management. Stringent emission standards, increase efforts to eliminate non-compliance of industrial furnaces, accelerate the elimination of small and medium gas furnace. Under the premise of resources to implement and encourage industrial furnaces use electricity, natural gas and other clean energy or heat from the surrounding power plant. Ban coal stove, substantially eliminated cogeneration heating pipe network coverage in the range of coal heated oven (furnace); out hearth diameter of 3 m or less gas furnace fuels, natural gas use conditions have temporarily , building a unified center of clean coal gas principle; prohibition blended with high-sulfur petroleum coke.

The main task of monitoring and adjusting Henan gas boiler company in malaysia running Henan gas boiler means to monitor and adjust the operation of its main tasks are: 1. Maintain evaporation within the rating of the boiler, the steam quantity to meet user requirements, avoid overload operation; 2. maintain normal pressure and temperature; 3 balanced water, and maintain the normal water level in the boiler; 4 to maintain steam quality compliance; 5. maintaining good combustion, improve boiler thermal efficiency, and comply with environmental requirements; 6 . ensure the safe operation of the boiler unit. Henan run gas boiler means that the working conditions at the time of boiler operation, it is through a series of operating parameters to reflect. These parameters are referred to as operating parameters, such as vapor pressure, evaporation, evaporation temperature, drum level; flue gas, air, water temperature and pressure; the fuel consumption and smoke components. The main factors Henan gas boiler operating conditions are: the boiler load, and fuel, feed water temperature, excess air coefficient. Boiler normal operation, it must control the water level, pressure, temperature within a certain range to suit the user's own safety and thermal boiler equipment requirements. Excess air ratio influence Henan gas boiler operating conditions for relatively large. Excess air ratio is increased, mainly due to air leakage. The increased excess air, the furnace temperature is lowered, reducing the radiation heat transfer, the convective heat transfer increases, also increases the amount of smoke, heat losses increase, reducing the thermal efficiency of the boiler. At the same time, induced draft fan or blower power consumption increases. Excess air coefficient is determined by each site smoke constituents determined. The efficiency of a combustion analyzer may measure the contents of carbon monoxide in the flue gas, it is determined whether the combustion sufficient to direct fuel ratio adjustment.