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coal fired single drum 95 degree output hot water boiler

Steam boiler is one of the indispensable devices in the pharmaceutical industry, decoction of Chinese medicine, medicine drying, sterilization, cooking gum, drying, tabletting and capsule production processes, a large amount of steam will be used. West Libang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, the existing anesthesia, cardiovascular, child immunization, pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical excipients, nutrition series of six automated production lines. With the increasing strength of China's environmental protection, some high-pollution devices are making the transition to clean environmental protection. Libang Pharmaceutical respond positively to national coal to gas policy, decided to change the existing coal-fired boilers to clean better gas steam boiler. Fast boiler with strong comprehensive strength in the field of clean energy, Libang Pharmaceutical after conducting comprehensive consideration, determined to cooperate with the fast boiler. The two sides further understanding, party fast technical engineers according to production needs state power, and soon its development of specific solutions for its recommendation of a 6 tons of steam condensing gas steam boiler (WNS6-1.25-Y.Q).

Fangkuai boiler operation advantages 1, large font display water temperature, easy to grasp the boiler and system operation conditions, water temperature from 10 ℃ to 90 ℃ can be set at will, the boiler automatically to the system heating or to provide the user with hot water for bath. 2, the control system controls the start and stop of the circulating pump according to the furnace water temperature, when the furnace water reaches the set upper water temperature, the hot water circulating pump starts, and the hot water circulating pump stops when the water temperature is lower than the set lower temperature. 3. The horizontal gas-fired bath boiler is a three-way full wet back structure. It adopts the design of large furnace and coarse smoke pipe to increase the radiative heat absorption of the furnace and effectively save energy and reduce consumption. Use of threaded smoke pipes and Waveform furnace tank, greatly enhanced the heat transfer effect, greatly saved fuel consumption. 4, the whole machine is also equipped with overheat protection (when the furnace water temperature is super high, the burner automatically stops working and beeps to alarm, and the secondary overheat protection (when the boiler shell temperature exceeds 105 ℃, the secondary circuit is automatically cut off), When the boiler water is lower than the very low water level, the boiler stops working and gives a buzzing alarm), and the boiler leakage protection (the control system detects the electrical leakage, and when the short circuit is short, it will automatically cut off the power supply). 5, the boiler is designed according to the normal pressure structure, the boiler is in a pressure-free state, there is no danger of safety. Use of advanced centrifugal glass cotton multilayer protection Temperature, famous white color steel plate for outer packaging, less heat loss, beautiful anti-rust.

01. The gas-fired boiler should pay attention to the following points during operation: (1) the gas-fired boiler does not allow positive pressure combustion or smoke injection in the furnace, because it is easy to burn out the coal hole cover. (2) the bottom floor of the gas-fired boiler shall not be watered up to prevent damp corrosion. 2, gas-fired boiler operation every 2 weeks, should be checked. 3, gas-fired boiler operation every 3 months after 6 months, the furnace should be shut down for comprehensive inspection and maintenance. (1) check the gas boiler inside and outside, such as the welds of the compressed part, the corrosion phenomenon inside and outside the steel plate, if found serious defects should be repaired in time, if the defects are not serious, it will be repaired the next time the furnace is shut down. If any suspicions are found but do not affect production safety, records should be made for future reference. (2) after inspection, the boiler primer may be coated on the surface of the water to prevent corrosion. 4, gas-fired boiler and boiler base paint at least once a year. 5, gas-fired boiler maintenance method: dry method and wet method, shut down for more than one month, should adopt dry maintenance method, shut down for less than one month can be used wet maintenance method. (1) dry maintenance method: after the boiler stops the furnace, put away the boiler water, thoroughly remove the internal dirt, rinse it out, dry it in the furnace with a slight fire (pay attention not to fire), and then it will be 10 mm in diameter and 30 mm in diameter. The small lump of quicklime is divided into plates, placed in the pan, without contact with the metal, and the weight of quicklime is calculated at the volume of 8 kg per cubic metre of the drum, and then all manholes, hand-holes, pipe valves are closed, Check every three months, if the quicklime is broken, replace it, and remove quicklime and tray when the boiler is re-in operation. (2) Wet maintenance method: after the boiler stops the furnace, it gives out the furnace water, thoroughly removes the internal dirt, rinses it, reinjects the treated water to the full, heats the furnace water to 100 ℃, lets the gas from the water drain out of the furnace, and then closes all the valves, Protection is not allowed in cold climates Wet curing method, lest the furnace water ice damage the boiler.

Boiler boiler should be classified according to which of several energy conversion device is a way, the energy input to the boiler chemical energy, electrical energy, a boiler with a steam output of the fuel in the constant heat, high temperature water or organic heat carrier. Many types of boilers, we like how to categorize them? Here Jinhe company you explain one by one! Many classification of the boiler, the boiler can be divided according to use, can be divided according to the structure, the type of fuel boilers, but also you can press the water cycle in the form of pressure classification. It can be used as boiler thermal power boilers and heating boilers. Power boiler comprising a power station boilers, marine boilers and boiler locomotive, corresponding to power generation, marine, and locomotive power dynamic. Heating boiler comprising a steam boilers, coal fired single drum 95 degree output hot water boilers, hot tube boiler, stove and the heating medium heating furnace, to give a corresponding steam, hot water. Hot air and the heating medium and the like. Boiler by the structure, divided into fire tube boiler and water tube boilers. Fire-tube boiler, including vertical and horizontal boiler boiler, water tube boilers and water tube boilers including horizontal, vertical, water tube boilers. By species classified as boiler fuel gas-fired boiler, oil-fired boiler and upgrade technical gas boiler and gas boiler, furnace oil and gas alternative --- pulverized coal boilers, gas boilers and other dual-use. Combustion gas boiler can be divided into layers by firing boiler, in fluidized bed boilers and combustion chambers. The latest fuel alcohol-based fuel boiler, he will greatly reduce the pollution of the atmosphere of a gas boiler. Evaporation of less than 20t / h is called a small boiler, evaporation to 75t / h is referred to as large boilers, evaporation of medium-boiler referred interposed therebetween.

Boiler hazard factor boiler has been widely used in industrial field. However, the safety of heat transfer oil boiler has been ignored. The safety of heat exchanger oil boiler is not only related to the normal operation of the plant, but also to the efficiency of the enterprise and the safety of employees. The safety problem of heat transfer oil boiler should be paid attention to by all walks of life, and its safety problem is very important. Pot body part and stove body part. For gas-fired boilers, the pot will explode physically. For liquid boilers, the boiler body has a burning flame. In the part of the furnace, if the boiler burns coal, there will be a burning fire, and there will be a chemical explosion in the gas and fuel boilers. . A gas-fired boiler is a highly dangerous material. With high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive and other characteristics. In practice, due to these reasons, we may lead to some problems of negligence or illegal operation, so it is inevitable to bury hidden dangers. First of all, the safety of the heat transfer oil boiler must be ensured. In the use of the equipment, it is necessary to check the equipment regularly to ensure that the heating system of the heat transfer oil boiler is in a good state, and that there is no problem in checking the wall and the pressure intensity of the equipment; Secondly, employees must follow the instructions strictly. Because of the particularity of boiler, flammable and explosive articles will bring safety Risk, operators must be trained, familiar with the equipment structure, strictly operating in accordance with company regulations; third, ensure not to mix with water. Do not mix with low boiling point substances and flammable and explosive substances, otherwise the consequences are unthinkable.