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Boiler Commercial Cheap 4t Latvia

Third, the boiler commercial cheap 4t latvia room and a safe distance from buildings

1, a safe distance from the boiler room and a class of high-rise building is 15 meters: 9-16 refers to a class of high-level layer (up to 50 m height);

2, a safe distance from the boiler room and multi-residential buildings is 13 meters: 2-9 refers to multi-storey buildings layers residential and other civil construction height not exceeding 24m of;

3, boiler room safe distance before the podium is 10 meters: the height of the top of the podium connected generally not exceed 24m.

Operation Principle of Gas Steam Boiler

The gas steam boiler is a heat energy conversion device that uses natural gas, liquefied gas, city gas and other gaseous fuels as fuel, burns the heat released in the furnace, heats the water in the pot, and vaporizes it into steam. The water is constantly heated by the energy released by the combustion of the gaseous fuel in the boiler (pot), the temperature rises and the pressurized steam is generated, and the boiling point of the water rises with the increase of the pressure, the pot is sealed, the water vapor The expansion inside is restricted to generate pressure to form thermal power (strictly speaking, the water vapor of the boiler is formed by constant pressure heating of water in the drum to re-vaporization of saturated water) as an energy source.

Boiler equipment belongs to special, complicated structure design, operating environment is more severe, during use, is often influenced by temperature and pressure stresses and alternating. If long-term use down, inspection and maintenance neglect boiler commercial cheap 4t latvias, boiler operation will likely cause reduced efficiency and security risks. Once accidents, often fatal. But many companies and personal security awareness is not strong, it is still a long time to run the boiler inspection, inability to control the operation of the law of the boiler, there is a big security risk.

Recently, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province for coal-fired boilers Market Authority has embarked on a comprehensive inspection operations, according to "comprehensive coverage, thorough investigation, replicability, results-oriented" principle, the use of coal-fired boiler business diagnostic investigation, and effectively eliminate security risks.

City Supervisor Bureau focus on verification of the actual use of coal-fired boiler units, using the address, use, heating, technical parameters, test status, filing one by one, do on-site inspection records strict accordance with relevant provisions, retained image data. To phase out coal-fired boilers to be found in the inspection, and urge the relevant units to implement the safety responsibility, and return in time for retirement procedures using the registration certificate. So far, the council has issued eight safety supervision instructions to complete the verification of the use of 14 units of 45 coal-fired boilers and filing, of which three units have been deregistered 15 piece of equipment.

Boiler ignition failure as well as its internal inspection Description: boiler commercial cheap 4t latvia during operation, if the display 03 state, then illustrates what? As well as for internal inspection of the boiler, we should specify what work? Both have a question about the boiler, it is more basic and important, so below, to explain in detail and answer, so that we have a correct understanding. 1. Process display 03 status boiler, then explains what? If the state of the display 03 during boiler operation, then the failure of its ignition, on the specific reasons, is as follows: One reason: inspection of the gas boiler is in good condition and normal supply, gas valve opening is normal. Two reasons: ignition rod spacing is too small or too large, the flame sensing rod or deformation occurred. Three reasons: ignition operation in question, for preventing overheating or combustion chamber has problems. Four reasons: on the controller, and a gas pressure, whether there is an abnormality, and flame holes, if a foreign body or clogging.