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Market Prospect of heating Boiler Control systemThe emission of pollutants such as smoke and dust caused by the combustion of the best cfb boiler chinas has seriously affected the atmospheric environment of our existence. With the development of computer technology and primary instrument technology, computer control boiler system has been greatly developed and improved, and has been widely used in the control of large, medium and small boilers. At present, the boiler microcomputer control system is mainly divided into two ways: distributed and centralized. Distributed type is mainly used in the control of large-scale boiler system, including: central microcomputer, field microcomputer, PLC and field instrument. Centralized for small boilers, including industrial control computers, peripherals, industrial automation instruments. Here, the adoption set The Chinese-style control system, which controls three four-ton water and steam stoves, is generally simple in structure and convenient in use. It is mainly composed of a hearth, a furnace, a superheater, a economizer and an air preheater. In terms of measuring parameters, there is generally a furnace temperature, which is composed of a furnace tube, a furnace, a superheater, a economizer and an air preheater. Furnace pressure, steam flow, circulation flow, exhaust temperature, etc. The industrial control computer is the core of the whole system, which is mainly used to manage the whole system and to control the boiler, organize the information, print the report form and alarm, and require a friendly man-machine interface. Can display the boiler timing flow and each parameter accurately, controls the boiler in the best condition operation. External equipment is industrial control The connection part between the computer and the field instrument is composed of the interface part and the actuator. The interface part mainly realizes the collection of the data collected by the external sensor, as well as the realization of the external control, including: violating the 12-bit AXD acquisition card, 8-way 8-bit isolated D / A card, cursed light isolation D / I card, break light isolation D / O card, I-turn template, relay board. The General Office of the State Council 26 issued the 2014-2015 energy conservation and emission reduction low-carbon development action plan notice. The notice calls for faster upgrading of coal-fired boilers. Investigation on energy consumption and pollution emission of boilers should be carried out. Implement energy saving and environmental protection synthesis of coal-fired boiler We will phase out 50, 000 small boilers in 2014, phase out 200000 tons of backward boilers by the end of 2015, promote 250000 tons of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental-friendly boilers, and comprehensively upgrade coal-fired boilers to dust removal. The coal-fired boilers with a capacity of 20 tons / hour or above have been completely reformed, resulting in an energy-saving capacity of 23 million tons of standard coal, a reduction capacity of 400000 tons of sulfur dioxide and a reduction of 100000 tons of nitrogen oxides.

All over the country has introduced a different atmospheric emission standards. Such as Beijing, Henan, Sichuan and Hebei requirement is 30mg nitrogen oxide emissions; Tianjin, Shanghai and other places asking for is 80mg of nitrogen oxide emissions. If you do not understand the local environmental policy, you can contact the local environmental protection department consulting, identify and then buy gas the best cfb boiler china. This will avoid situations where buy boiler emissions of non-compliance can not use a normal appearance.

Secondly, we must consider the environmental requirements of the hotel location. Adhere to environmental protection is one hard and fast guidelines for the production of all walks of life in China. In general, hotels are mostly located in the city center or downtown area better environmental quality in remote areas, the purchase of hot water the best cfb boiler china, the boiler must pay attention to emissions of harmful substances and environmental cleanliness. Gas boiler because of its unique clean, environmentally friendly, efficient, energy-saving features are widely used. If your area has a hotel where hard targets for environmental protection, then you must pay attention to me when choosing a hot water boiler. The most important point, we must be sure to choose an excellent quality, good reputation, brand high-end professional boiler manufacturers.

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