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palm shell fired steam boiler

After the impact of the entire burner gas boiler damage is very large, so the user will strengthen the control to adjust the boiler in the usual course, including the timely and quality control gas pressure changes, to ensure reasonable ratio of gas and hot air; investigation gas fire conditions, adjust the size of the second damper, if necessary, change the angle of operation of the operating layer; when the uneven load conditions change, to adjust the negative pressure combustion furnace, adjusting gas, the ratio of hot air, to ensure that the furnace flame does not skew the layers together to coordinate the gas opening.

For the oil industry, where palm shell fired steam boilers can be used in the oil industry is one of the key pillar industries. In general, large-scale oil exploration or refining industry, are inseparable from the large steam boiler thermal energy conversion or other use. The reason for selecting steam boilers for processing use, not only because of its high thermal energy, energy saving and environmental protection, but also to meet the demand for petroleum and petrochemical industries. Professional steam boiler in addition to the petrochemical industry can help stabilize the smooth processing use, but also to increase oil production and processing, to help companies generate huge economic benefits. Here follow the small series together to understand the reason the oil industry to use steam boilers. First, save processing costs due to the steam boiler industry in the course of processing also reduces power consumption saving and environmental protection in the use can reduce the cost of inputs, reduced costs, greater will be able to enhance the economic efficiency. Second, the steam pressure is stable, safe oil industry has been steam boiler will choose to use long-term process, but also because the steam boiler in use stability SAIC pressure is good, but also self-control in the boiler steam pressure value safe operation , security and stability and security equipment during operation. Therefore particularly suitable for processing large amount and long duration of the petroleum and petrochemical industries. Third, boiler energy-saving technology to highlight the conversion of oil boiler heat energy required to get it to be in the refining process, and the steam boiler with a unique energy-saving technology and variable frequency technology through automatic water supply operation, and will automatically be in a more stable situation adjusting the steam temperature and pressure, for continuous processes and therefore can be more energy efficient as compared to stable supply of petroleum in protecting normal processing can also be used while energy saving. The above is the reason for petroleum and petrochemical industries to use steam boilers, mainly because such conduct thermal energy conversion run steam boiler environmental stability and the principle of good energy-saving effect, and therefore the use of large petroleum and petrochemical industries fancy and reuse, sale good service steam boiler in addition to protect the safe and stable operation, but also in the long run save a lot of energy to the industry to enhance corporate cost-effectiveness.

Waste heat recovery boilers: carbon kiln flue gas, chemical industry waste flue gas, coking waste heat flue gas, sinter machine flue gas, hazardous waste incineration gas

Recently, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, Anshun City, issued a notice to win the embodiment of the three-year action blue sky Battle, as follows.

First, the implementation of the total coal consumption control

Accelerate coal mergers and acquisitions, consolidation pace of technological transformation, and resolutely eliminate excess capacity to resolve the coal. Before the end of 2018 to complete the county level and above cities restrict coal-burning zone and the coal area delineation work to strengthen the loose coal burning and fireworks control, prohibit the sale, banned the use of coal, petroleum coke, high-polluting fuels. Vigorously implement the "coal to gas," "coal to electricity" project, increase the proportion of electricity, natural gas in energy consumption. By 2020, the city's coal accounts for the proportion of energy consumption is reduced to 70% or less.

Second, to carry out comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers

Before the end of 2018, the central city out of 20 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired boilers, 35 tons of steam per hour to start the following phase-out of coal-fired boilers. Atlantic Town Center City led Xixiu on the wind direction, seven Town, Cai town official reference implementation of February 15, 2015 promulgated the "Anshun City People's Government on delineation of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban of" 3.5 Kunming Shanghai high speed range on both sides of one thousand meters anshun prohibit new paragraph 35 tons of steam coal-fired boilers. By 2020, the county (district) total phase-out urban area and 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers, basically out of coal-fired tea furnace, operating a stove, grain storage and drying equipment. Center City ban on new built-up area per hour and 75 tons of steam coal-fired boilers, county (district) urban area 35 tons of steam per hour ban on new coal-fired boilers and other regions 10 tons of steam per hour ban on new coal-fired boilers . Increase Condensing units and cogeneration units technological transformation efforts, speed up the heating pipe network construction, fully release and improve the heating capacity, eliminate coal-fired boilers and scattered inside the pipe network coverage.

Third, improve energy efficiency

Continue to implement the action of the total energy consumption dual control and strength. By 2020, the city's yuan GDP energy consumption fell 14% in the region, the total energy consumption control in less than 28.55 million tons of standard coal, new energy consumption control in less than 100 million tons of coal. Strengthen the implementation of energy efficiency standards to promote, develop, promote energy-saving technologies and products to achieve key energy industries, energy-saving equipment standard full coverage.

Fourth, accelerate the development of clean energy and new energy

As of 2020, the installed capacity of wind power reached 200,000 kilowatts; actively seek Zhenning County, Guanling County, Ziyun County PV poverty alleviation projects Indicators Program, to encourage qualified enterprises to implement photovoltaic bidding, led a group of farmers light, light forest project floor building.