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diesel fire boiler

Over the last four decades CFB diesel fire boiler has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a robust small-scale industrial boiler technology routinely used to burn difficult fuels. Not only do boiler designs now extend to 800 MW, but CFB has gone ultra-supercritical (USC).

In a number of bidders, the party quickly ready gas water tube diesel fire boiler with its unique advantages of low nitrogen come out on top; the low nitrogen gas water tube boiler has the following advantages. 1, boiler factory ready, body welding, manufacturing completed in the factory, quality is the best guarantee to ensure the long-term safe and reliable operation of the boiler. 2, a small work site installation, short cycle, the boiler body all-membrane wall structure, effectively reduce heat loss boilers, to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. 3, boiler furnace, convection and rational use of two-pass arrangement flue gas velocity, effective control of the flue gas resistance, no fan, lower operating power consumption, energy saving. 4, micro-pressure combustion, the boiler to prevent the air leakage phenomenon, to effectively control exhaust excess air coefficient, reducing heat losses, improved boiler efficiency. 5, with forced water circulation system, the flow rate of each process are selected in accordance with the recommended standard upper limit value, to ensure that the cold boiled heating surface does not occur too, causing water hammer or squib; preventing sedimentation oxygen corrosion and impurities in the water, to avoid heat boiler accident damaged surface;? burner flame, gas overpressure or low pressure, 15 kinds of safety warning and fault protection device leakage protection, gas, comprehensive guarantee safe operation of boilers;? intelligent integration operation control system, with touch-screen operation Dual purely manual control buttons and functions.

When heating gas diesel fire boiler, is how to maintain a normal system operation: the gas hot water boiler according to the different needs, a different output temperature of hot water is often used for heating, is the preferred type of heating boilers. Gas hot water boiler 10 t CWNS7-95 / 70-Q, the water temperature was 95 ℃, return water temperature is 70 ℃, boiler water circulation is 240t / h. When used for heating, it can be used radiators, floor heating heating mode, the heat exchanger supporting the use of gas hot water boiler 10 t. When supporting a heat exchanger heating, boilers and heating systems are two separate water circulation system, independent pay, independent cycle.

Heating diesel fire boiler with hot water boiler or steam boiler is better? Whether hot water boilers or steam boilers are heat output devices, to provide hot water and steam. The minimum tonnage of industrial heating boiler now offers fast boiler is 99KW vertical hot water boiler, the largest is 80 tons SZS type hot water boiler pipes. Whether large or small boiler boiler, pollutant emissions are well below national limits, ensure that customers use the boiler, no environmental worries decades. There is a problem many users heating, heating boiler with hot water boiler steam boiler good or better? Fast boiler to answer your questions, at present, less to do with steam heating boiler heating mode, if the heat source is steam, but also use more heat exchangers do mediation, but also hot water to reach the final users do cooling medium. The plants do, while for the production of steam, the steam does not need to break off, heating of buildings or workshop. Here's a look of steam boiler heating it. 1, the temperature rise is too fast, the radiator cold and hot temperatures, easy to leak; 2, the pressure rise is too fast, the heat sink is likely to cause metal fatigue, reduced life, are likely to cause the radiator burst; 3, the radiator surface temperature is too high , easy to burn the people, but also result in poor weather conditions indoors, house dust exploded above the radiator, resulting in blackening the wall above the sink; 4, if the heating steam heating pipe before sending ineffective, when feeding the steam will cause water hammer, the water in the radiator is formed under the impact of water vapor hammer, impact radiator and pipes, noisy, then affect the rest of the night, but also damage the radiator and pipes; 5, the water heated in the boiler to absorb heat released fuel and the water molecules have to absorb some heat into steam, causing energy waste. In summary, compared to the heating and hot water boiler, steam heating boilers were not economic, risk, which is why in recent years the use of steam boiler when the heat source is less and less. We suggest that you use for heating hot water boilers, more cost-effective.