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4 tph WNS oil-fired fire tube boilers pellet fuel project for construction industrySteam boilers are used for plasterboard drying, concrete component maintenance, decorates material drying, the production of moulded bricks and other processes. Pholaco, established in 2008, has evolved into a multifaceted, vertically integrated business, specializing in light steel frame (LSF) construction, EPS panel construction, and CLC (cellulose lightweight concrete) construction. PHOLACO also focuses on environmental protection while expanding its business. This time, PHOLACO planned to order several fire tube boilers, which are used heavy oil as the fuel. ZOZEN had gained the trust of PHOLACO by powerful comprehensive strength and rich experience, successfully partnering with them. ZOZEN’s engineer had gone to South Africa to know their actual demand. After discussing with each other, ZOZEN provided 4 tph WNS series heavy fuel oil boilers for PHOLACO. This kind of fire tube boilers adopt large corrugated furnace for the fuels to be fully burned. With the use of thread smoke tubes, which are high efficiency heat transfer element, the thermal efficiency is up to over 93%. This kind of fire tube boilers also can easily achieve the low NOx emission. Furthermore, WNS series heavy fuel oil boilers are designed to feature easy installation and short periods, helping PHOLACO operate normally as soon as possible.

Technical specifications of the steam boilers pellet fuel steam boiler rated evaporation mainly, the rated steam pressure, steam temperature rated, water temperature and fuel .1, evaporation (d): Steam steam boiler operating safely when produced per hour number, i.e., evaporation of the boilers, with a "d" represents, tonnes / hour (t / h). 3, working pressure: refers to the maximum allowed steam boiler pressure. Working pressure is determined according to the design pressure, usually expressed in mpa. 4, temperature: degree of cold flag is a physical object, but also reflects a fundamental thermodynamic parameters of the material, i.e. usually Celsius "t ℃", indicated on the steam boiler plate at the outlet of a boiler is the temperature of the medium, and said the rated temperature. 5, fuel: Corporate optional use of steam boilers can make a choice according to local environmental requirements and availability of market fuel.

We learned from Zhenjiang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, to further promote the Battle of Blue Sky, enhance air quality, the city actively carry out biomass boilers pellet fuel investigation and remediation work has been completed seven bathrooms demolition of straw biomass boiler work in built-up urban area .

Biomass boiler pollution remediation has been a major focus of air pollution control, some of the city bathhouses, hotels, restaurants in the use of raw materials process boilers, illegally blended with coal, waste wood, waste and other substances, not advanced treatment of smoke, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants directly into the atmosphere, some impact on air quality.

According to relevant regulations, Zhenjiang city, the city built the region prohibited the use of straw biomass boilers, the current investigation and the bathroom were 10 straw biomass boiler, in which 7 have been removed, two shutdown ready transformation. At the same time, straw biomass boiler outside the urban area will be completed before the end of June classification renovation work, all dedicated boiler using biomass briquette students, prohibit blended with other fuels, coal, wood, etc., and must complete the construction of the bag efficient dust embodiments, emissions guarantee compliance.

“D” type watertube boilers pellet fuels are designed to reduce overall project cycle time and to lower steam generating equipment costs.