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4t Manufacturers Atmospheric Pressure Boiler

The method of dividing the common electric 4t manufacturers atmospheric pressure boiler according CFWHs ① The pressure can be divided into high and low pressure heaters heater. Downstream of the high pressure feed water heater mounted electric boiler feed pump and the low pressure feed water heater is installed upstream of the pump; ② can be divided according to the structure of vertical and horizontal. Most large modern heaters are the horizontal. The method of dividing the common vertical heater heat rarely used in the actual system, since the low-temperature superheated steam, electric boiler feed water enclosed working area and hot condensate drainage is difficult to achieve efficient heat transfer efficiency; ③ A water process manner divided into single and multiple flow processes: electric boiler horizontal multi-flow heater of a closed housing with a feedwater heater by a plurality of tube plates mounted between the two ends of the tube composed of the tube plate. , end closed by convex heater head when the feedwater flow through the conduit, the electric steam boiler.

Hot water 4t manufacturers atmospheric pressure boiler smoke pipe severe corrosion damage analysis during hot water boiler running, replace the boiler pressure parts and scrapped due to severe corrosion problems caused also often occur, then this situation should be how to deal with it? the reason hot water boiler smoke pipe serious corrosion damage to: (1) boiler water does not go through water treatment, water is not compliance, coupled with improper cleanup, debris attached to the pipe wall, scaling and corrosion phenomena. (2) around the smoke tube because the water flow rate is too low, can not be precipitated by heating water circulating oxygen bubbles discharged from the furnace with timely inevitably adhered to the metal wall of the smoke tube, so that the increase in dissolved oxygen around the metal wall and the metal wall in the end and can continue to create favorable conditions play a role. Remedy: 1. strengthen management in accordance with the provisions of heating systems, to maximize the construction of water leakage, ensure safe and economic operation of the boiler. 2. boiler water should strictly comply with state standards for water softening treatment, before use standards. 3. Design hot water boiler should try to choose the appropriate flow rate for each cycle of the furnace. In short, for hot water boiler smoke pipe serious corrosion damage to the phenomenon, to be timely normative operation process, and can not be sloppy, process boilers used simultaneously performed, with particular attention to these points, standardize operations, precautionary measures in the first place.

Finally, the delegation went into the manufacturing plant, the robot welding expressed strong interest in the robot field operations after watching the situation, I am using for manufacturing more refined variety of highly intelligent 4t manufacturers atmospheric pressure boiler equipment expression of praise. Mr. Liu is also the site to watch the robot control platform, careful observation stations located at the edge of the station systems. Side of photography Henan Daily reporter Chen Hui spoke to the tour group members in the field, this robot is currently in the province is a "little red network", has been the provincial media repeatedly reported.

What structure and principles of industrial 4t manufacturers atmospheric pressure boilers in particular? What structure and principles of industrial boilers in particular? Industrial boilers has become the hottest on the market boiler boiler. Whether it is gas or gas hot water boiler steam boilers, gas boilers generally use natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and city gas as a fuel gas fuel. First, the working principle of gas steam boiler: the furnace and the combustion heat of the fuel gas steam boiler, heating pot of water evaporated into steam. Water pan (drum) in the furnace gases are fuel combustion energy released continuously heated, increasing the temperature and pressure steam is generated. When the boiling point of water increases with increased pressure, is sealed pot, the pot water vapor expansion is limited, and therefore the thermodynamic pressure (strictly speaking, water steam boiler). It is widely used as an energy source in the drum, the water is heated and vaporized again to saturation. Second, gas steam boiler basic structure: gas steam boilers and boiler drum consists of two body parts protection, instrumentation equipment, automatic control and protection system of continuous safe operation of its composition. This boiler water wall boiler drum boiler drum in the zoning arrangement, the first two return pipe fireworks smog chamber back to the drum. Connected between the drum and the tank, with water-cooling pipe and the downcomer, which constitute the framework of the combustion chamber. The pot is provided at the top with a steam water separator, to reduce the amount of water extracted from the steam. The bottom of the pan heating surface of the drum, and fireworks waterwall tubes.