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In the supplier boiler commercial 2t belarus heat losses, heat losses of the steam to carry 55 to 75% of heat losses, the exhaust gas temperature drops if the flue gas condensation temperature, the steam by recycling latent heat, can be effectively reduce heat loss and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Condensing boiler flue gas temperature can be dropped to below 40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, not only the latent heat of vaporization of water vapor can be recovered, but also removing harmful substances in the flue gas; thermal efficiency also increases as the amount of condensation of water vapor increases.

1151, steam supplier boiler commercial 2t belarus steam output of the main parameters and ancillary equipment Price: steam boiler for this kind of boiler, because it is the site of boiler products, so, based on this, to learn of their work, so that we have a thorough understanding of the site All product and no omissions. Therefore, under this requirement, the following will immediately proceed, so, it can save time and improve everyone's learning efficiency. 1. steam boiler, in which steam output, what are the parameters? Steam boiler, the relevant parameters on the steam output, mainly there are two, one is rated evaporation, however, that the boiler design, will leave some ample amount, usually 10% to 15% , or 20%. Second, the output upper limit value, there is a certain relationship with the rated evaporation, but not identical. 2. On the steam boiler, the water level of protection, any specific requirements? Steam boilers, water protection device to its specified requirements are as follows: Rated evaporation of not less than 2t h steam boiler / low water level alarm means to be provided and low water interlock protection device. Evaporation of not less than the rated steam boiler 6t h /, in addition to these than two, there should be steam overpressure protection alarm and interlock means indispensable.

Generating supplier boiler commercial 2t belaruss and advantages of energy saving boilers come out is used in heating sector, a few decades ago, only the hot water supply Boiler an option, not now have electric water heater. But the reason behind the boiler using less and less, not only because of the emergence of electric water heaters, there are some shortcomings of the boiler itself. To manually before burning boiler is someone constantly watching, but also produce a lot of dust particles, cause some pollution to the environment, most importantly, the cost is not lower than the Boiler electricity, therefore, boiler heating way was to replace the heating power. Energy saving boiler view of this situation, it appears. The so-called energy saving, by definition, refers to such less time spent in the boiler heating resource, the cost will be relatively low, and will not cause substantial pollution to the environment, it is more environmentally friendly. In addition to these advantages, the service life of energy saving boilers also last longer than the average boiler, usually twice, which is also greatly reduce the cost of our customers. It is because of all the ills of the previous environmental protection boiler, there is now the economic and social progress of science and technology, the emergence of environmental protection boiler is in line with the trend of the times and the urgent needs of our customers. So, if you want to use a relatively large heating systems, such as some units, inside the school and so on, it is best environmentally-friendly boiler.

The onset of winter, is located in Jilin Province Dongliao has entered the heating season. Recently, the Market Authority early planning, meticulous planning, to increase the safety supervision of the winter heating supplier boiler commercial 2t belarus, ensure the safe operation of heating boilers, curb the occurrence of all kinds of accidents, to protect people's safety, warm through the winter.

Market Authority set up a special investigation and remediation work organization boilers, special equipment to carry out self-examination from the security situation boiler heating units used to implement the main responsibility for the use of special equipment unit; simultaneous information collection boiler safety hazards, analyzing, improving risk control mechanism, proper risk monitoring, early warning and disposal of systematic risks and hazards should be reported promptly and truthfully; submit the initiative "special equipment unit security risk self-examination and self-change information tables to special equipment safety supervision organs ", and accept the supervision and inspection of the market, ensure that the boiler control risks effectively.

As of now, the council inspected the heating boiler unit 13, heating boilers and other special equipment to check 18 times, investigation and security risks 3 onwards, has been completely removed. The bureau said the next phase will further increase the safety and inspection of heating boilers, heating boiler unit supervise the implementation of the safety requirements, ensure that the heating boiler and other special equipment safe and stable operation. While strengthening the duty to timely and properly handle emergencies, a comprehensive good winter heating special equipment emergency security work.