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cost of a water boiler

Teach you how to deal with gas leak:? The main purpose of the boiler is used in the civilian heating, and now the state has in the promotion of energy saving and environmental protection, pollution problems in the past of coal-fired boilers is indeed serious, is now gradually developed gas-fired boiler, If a natural gas leak gas boiler used encountered fire, static electricity, lightning or improper operation such as an explosion, a fire in a confined space will make people hypoxia, asphyxia and even death, and to the production safety of life and property caused immeasurable loss. Today, fast boiler manufacturers take you look at it. 1, indoor gas pipeline leak: immediate emergency shutdown, cut off the boiler room of the total valve, notify the gas company to company safety and production department report, leaks of natural gas is processed in accordance with the emergency plan. 2, gas boiler leaks. (1) emergency shutdown (pressing the emergency stop button). (2) to close the mesa gas boiler gas valve, cut off the gas source. (3) for processing a natural gas leak emergency plan. 3, the burner leaks: immediate emergency shutdown, cut off the main valve of the boiler and to report on corporate security department and production, natural gas leak processed according to the emergency plan, organize technical maintenance personnel. 4, the control, regulation, measurement and components leaking joints. Immediate emergency shutdown, cut off the main valve of the gas boiler station and report back to corporate security department and production, natural gas leak processed according to the emergency plan, organize technical personnel replace the control, regulation and measurement components, leakage of its position resealing the joints.

Why is oil fired boiler require fuel boiler galvanized galvanized I think we more or less have heard of, but you know why it needs to galvanize it? Burners of the boiler is a key component of the boiler, and the boiler which are matched to the selection, control and adjustment of combustion is very important. The role of the burner is a good fuel burning equipment organization of work. To thus the fuel is atomized into fine particles, while supplying the oxygen required for fuel combustion, so that the burner consists of two parts, a fuel supply device equipped with breathing apparatus. Computer control system is another major component of the oil-fired boiler, the equivalent of the human brain to achieve a variety of commands upload issued, if used properly, less hardware problem. Is subjected to high-temperature baking furnace, heat transfer, a desired output intermediate heat medium, its poor conditions, a large output, it determines the quality of life of the whole length of the boiler, the material selected to have greater resistance to resistance, good tensile strength, and good thermal conductivity. There are many customers will ask for galvanizing furnace, to do so will have the following advantages. First, zinc can extend the life of the boiler, the zinc is a very reactive metal, is extremely easily oxidized, but not as zinc oxide, iron oxide as a loose powder, but a dense skin layer, a zinc oxide layer which prevents internal further zinc oxide. When the galvanized steel sheet surface is damaged, the exposed surface of the inner iron of the time, since zinc is more reactive than iron, so according to the principle of chemical batteries, zinc iron oxide will first, thereby protecting the iron layer is not damaged. So the life of galvanized boilers will be extended. Second yellow prevent the boiler output water, affect water quality. Boiler pressure test will be at the factory, the welding quality inspection of the boiler, in this process there will be some residual moisture, the internal moisture comparison, be slightly oxidized. If the water quality in the area somewhat less, during use, the wall of the inner furnace wall and will be attached to a layer of scale, part of the original sheet is covered with rust, so it will not yellow water, if used in areas with good quality during use does not generate boiler scale, rust original sheet portion will not be covered, it will produce yellow water. Existence of things has two sides, good water quality chrysogenum area, but the life of the boiler does not produce poor water quality than the yellow water areas for much longer. Therefore, oil-fired boiler galvanized not only extend the life of the boiler, but also a great improvement in the quality of output.

Factors affecting the thermal efficiency of gas boilers What? 1, exhaust gas temperature: the temperature of exhaust gas boiler is generally increased by 15 degrees, heat losses will be increased by 1%. 2, the oxygen content of the furnace: the excess air factor, when an excessive increase in heat losses, is too small incomplete combustion loss increases. 3, furnace pressure: positive pressure when the furnace operating conditions reasonable time, can effectively avoid the intrusion of the cold hearth, a negative pressure may increase the air ratio to increase the exhaust loss; 4, insulation factor: this factor mostly caused overhaul , when the boiler is located somewhere in the inner part faulty insulation, insulation must be removed for repair, the repair is completed after the insulation layer can not be repaired, resulting in increased heat boiler heat loss. 5, piping: soda pipe, gas pipe and smoke is no need to have some air pipe bends and valves, increasing the resistance to fluid flow in the pipeline, at the same time, some of the valve system is not fully open, to form a fluid expansion, increasing the local resistance loss of the working fluid.

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