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silter boiler iron

New silter boiler iron, gas or coal-fired choose? Many users in the selection of a new boiler, there are a lot of doubts. For example, choose to use the more common coal-fired boilers do? Or the use of cleaner gas-fired boiler it? Xiao Bian from the following aspects to compare your focus to help you better understand the boiler equipment.

After installation and commissioning fast Boiler professional and technical personnel, two hot water silter boiler irons to provide our bodies quickly into the orbit of the normal operation. Meanwhile, the design of energy-saving equipment also effectively improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, saved us a huge amount of fuel costs. --customer feedback

bLow pressure horizontal hot water silter boiler iron issues

These horizontal hot water boilers are marketed as providing reduced energy losses compared to the traditional steam boilers. Some medical facilities are looking at these boilers as a means of improving energy efficiency to achieve energy reduction goals.

Waste Heat Recovery Heat losses need to be minimized before waste heat recovery silter boiler iron is investigated. Highlights opportunities for energy savings. The most frequently used waste heat recovery methods are preheating combustion air, steam generation , water heating, and load preheating.