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Commercial 6t Diesel Steam Boiler

How to reduce the loss of heat generated during boiler operation: For boilers heat loss refers to heat the fuel in the total heat release complete combustion boiler is a boiler and using part of the generated difference. This part of the difference between the heat due to some uncontrolled elements, and is wasted. Wasted heat are: heat the air around the exhaust heat away, lost furnace itself, no burning or combustion heat of the fuel and entrained ash physical heat release and the like are not incomplete. These losses represent the complete combustion of fuel in order to account for the total amount of heat released percentage.

Pressure hot water boiler manufacturers Which is better? For small and medium enterprises and institutions concerned, the use of pressure hot water boiler is relatively common, so a lot of users during pressure hot water boiler manufacturers to choose the time, there will be this or that doubt, little below taping everyone to do a simple understanding. Under normal circumstances, pressure hot water boiler either in terms of safety and the complexity of the city than the boiler pressure to have certain advantages, specifically, should pay attention to the following points during selection pressure boiler hot water: (1 ) pressure hot water boiler factory production process, as well as product quality. (2) This pressure hot water boiler manufacturers of related cases, and customer reputation. (3) In addition, the most important point, is the production of boiler technology, as well as their professional team and professional services team, a good manufacturer, its professional team will use on-site boiler, keen insight, he research and analysis would be reasonable for us to build a boiler reasonable economic program. (4) Finally, it should be noted that their actual usage, and whether the boiler manufacturers produced consistent, after all, is the best fit. In short, a good pressure hot water boiler manufacturers, both in terms of product, service, professionalism, reputation and others have relatively good performance, will deserve our trust.

Condensing gas boiler compared with ordinary gas boiler, operating costs are greatly reduced. An ordinary thermal efficiency of gas-fired boiler was about 90%; condensing gas boiler flue gas is condensed, the flue gas temperature down to 50 ℃, the thermal efficiency will increase to about 105%, in the case where the fuel consumption constant, heating system the lower return temperature, the more condensing heat recovery heat recovery, the higher the thermal efficiency of the boiler. A boiler to provide heat in winter and the like of the air conditioning or heating equipment to 1,000,000 kcal / h boiler, for example, natural gas consumption of the conventional type boiler 126.5Nm³ / h (low calorific value of natural gas by 8500kcal / Nm³ calculation), consumption of natural gas condensing boiler It is 110Nm³ / h, when the boiler is running 10 hours a day, 100 days for the period of heating is done using a gas condensing boiler 16500Nm³ savings per year, using natural gas price 1.8 yuan calculation, the annual operating cost savings 29,700 yuan.

To complete the "clean winter heating pilot cities in northern areas," the goals and tasks, Jinan Municipal People's Government issued the "Jinan City" pilot cities for winter heating cleaning northern "three-year implementation plan (2017-2020 years)." "Program" is mentioned, three-year pilot period 59 key projects a total investment of 27.3 billion yuan, 2.1 billion yuan from the central government funds, municipal funds 5.8 billion yuan financial support to attract social capital of 19.4 billion yuan. Six technical work in accordance with the deployment path, focusing on elimination of coal-fired boilers, clean the deep geothermal heating, urban and rural construction and other clean energy alternative to lead technical projects, improve the maintenance of post-operation, promote clean winter heating work in an orderly manner.

Focus on the implementation of urban and rural clean energy alternatives. In the vast rural areas and central heating uncovered areas, in accordance with the enterprise-based, government promotion, residents affordable policy, local conditions, the use of alternative energy classification implementation. Urban and rural clean energy alternative to task a total of 48 projects, plans a total investment of 6.272 billion yuan (excluding clean coal-burning alternative to low-quality coal project), in which the central budget funds 820 million yuan, local financial and social capital invested 5.452 billion yuan. Coal to electricity which involves 19 projects, the use of alternative energy, Valley Electric energy storage, energy management contract, support clean green electricity for heating, with a total investment of 650 million yuan, of which the use of the central budget funds 250 million yuan; shed no change change clean heating, involving 95 000, in which the central government 200 million yuan.