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boiler examination board of lahore

(5) After the above is normal, gradually open the main valve of the steam boiler examination board of lahore for warming, generally can be sent to the sub-cylinder, and then open the emergency vent valve to discharge to the outside. At this time, the water should be replenished in time to observe the change of water level and ensure the steam pressure in the steam boiler furnace. The water supply should be based on the principle of less replenishment. Avoid excessive hydration and affect steam pressure. The steam boiler should be operated continuously for 72 hours. During the trial operation, if the equipment is checked and the water supply system is abnormal, the steam can be officially sent to the outside network and steam.

Boiler needs to pay attention to four areas of the boiler examination board of lahore in purpose: To ensure the safe operation of the boiler can be, and is conducive to the achievement of energy saving, environmental protection purposes, so be gas coal-fired boilers, gas boilers and a series of low-nitrogen transformation the renovation work. Boiler should pay attention to four aspects: 1. improve combustion, improve the operational efficiency of the boiler heat. Especially for Stoker speaking, heat losses, and fuel burn is not caused by the loss, the proportion of the heat loss in the boiler is relatively large. Therefore, according to the actual situation of targeted, internal boiler adjusted or purchase new energy-efficient boiler. 2. Raise Output enterprise or guaranteed output increase output if needed, it is necessary to appropriately increase the heating surface, increasing the water wall in the original furnace or increase convection heating surface in the flue, the furnace arch reconstruction, rearrange the furnace and so on. 3. smoke and dust, nitrogen oxides emissions, environmental protection. This requires the application of new technologies tend, in particular, condensation, energy-saving technology, such as flue gas recirculation technology, by making full use of the heat after the fuel burn to reduce emissions of harmful substances, as well as achieve discharge standards. protect environment. 4. improve the safety performance of boiler feed water situation to improve, add or replace the new water treatment equipment, oxygen equipment, improved design and manufacturing presence in the irrational structure, so that the pot jealous safe and economic operation. Boiler, as is the low-power high efficiency, energy saving, therefore, in the process of transformation, must pay attention to the details of the transformation process, in strict accordance with the standards.

At the same time, there is potential merchants who come from abroad, the technical personnel of the fast balls "surrounded" and continuing to explore the strengths and weaknesses of domestic and foreign products, and to seek opportunities for cooperation. Show time rush across three days, bring us the possibilities of cooperation. Fast square booth through a unique "three-sense" approach sight, touch and feel, so that every person visiting the boiler examination board of lahore can more fully grasp the details of knowledge; the presence of each "fast side" and can feel responsibility, different demand for clean energy at home and abroad make us pay more attention to customers' true feelings. In ending this occasion, we have a clear goal, that is: Benchmarking European and American advanced equipment and boiler design, to a higher level of technology, more in-depth boiler systems continue to study. While the company's own comprehensive capabilities continue to the forefront of world power on par, but we need to take over the banner, leading the Chinese clean boiler market, a higher level.

Release commercial fast boiler examination board of lahore condensing gas water boilers, hot water boilers belong vacuo series-free boiler working pressure between 1 ~ 2Bar, joint control of a plurality of modules, intelligent operation system, the thermal efficiency of up to 107%, gas energy-saving, low nitrogen oxide emissions <30mg / m³, can be achieved modular assembly, reasonable structure, convenient and flexible, without staff.