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You know descaling method Henan square steam boiler maufacturer fast it? You know Henan party fast steam boiler descaling solution? Once the boiler fouling dirty, not only will reduce the thermal efficiency, the normal operation of the system to bring security risks, but also the water treatment agent can not reach the metal surface, accelerated corrosion of metal speed. Therefore, and remove any fouling is an important prerequisite to ensure the safety and service life of equipment. Today to introduce a chemical cleaning methods. The method of chemical cleaning of the scope of the boiler unit and requirements vary with different parameters of the boiler, furnace or boiler is a new state of furnace operation, cleaning agents and cleaning process using different methods. Since all parts of the furnace are possible dirty, so in addition to the steam boiler system itself, cleaning should include furnace superheater and cleaning systems. In other words, from the condensate pump outlet, through the deaerator, until all the water pipes of economizer. Economizer, water wall, belonging to the boiler steam drum system. Chemical cleaning methods: 1, boiler cleaning detergent cleaning agent typically include inorganic and organic acids, inorganic acids used are hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, organic acids are citric acid, EDTA and the like. 2, corrosion of boiler chemical cleaning agents are generally inorganic and organic acids, which have cleaning capability, and have varying degrees of corrosion of metallic iron. Thus, in the boiler chemical cleaning process, some additives should be added to inhibit corrosion of the metal but not reduce the effect of a cleaning agent and cleaning deposits. Such additives are referred to as corrosion inhibitors. After washing the boiler, cleaning apparatus removed, the boiler into operation immediately. If not used immediately, it should be taken down protective measures.

7, fuel consumption: the amount of fuel consumed by the boiler maufacturer per unit time.

8, emissions: the amount of sewage discharged boiler blowdown.

9, the natural circulation: relying on the furnace decreased working fluid between the tube and the density difference between the riser furnace actively promote water circulation boiler drum, the drum is recycled back route, the downcomer, the header, the riser pipe, tubing, etc., is introduced soda composition.

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Related calculations boiler maufacturer which standards need to refer to? Computing standards related to boiler there are many, mainly refers to the calculation of boiler design process need to make, which also includes two parts People's Republic of China national standards and national GB standard People's Republic of China Ministry of Machinery Industry Ministry JB, and, with the boiler technology the continuous development of boiler standards to be followed are times, however, there are still standards in 2003 even before the application, because the demand is still consistent with the current boiler design, production. The following is a brief example: "Steam Boiler Safety Technology Supervision", "industrial boilers General", "thermal test specification industrial boiler", GB / T16508 "boiler pressure boiler shell element intensity calculating", GB1576-1996 "low pressure boiler water quality standards ", DB11 / 109-2014" boiler air pollution emission standards ", GB13271-91 People's Republic of China environmental standards, BJ27-96" industrial boiler installation construction and acceptance "," shell boiler pressure element intensity calculation "" steam boiler safety technology supervision "," boiler room design specifications "," industrial thermal boiler test specifications, "" low-pressure boiler water quality "and so on.