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Fang fast, based on the boiler industry, the rise in clean-burning, low-nitrogen management in a more environmentally friendly. In the family group when Mr. Lu Haiqing's correct leadership, we deepen the industrial revolution, brought together the group cohesion, pioneered premix, FGR low nitrogen and other advanced processing technology and products in the industry; more than 100 national patents so that we in the industry chasing; unique cloud service remote control system for boiler intelligent control. Anyang City, the first batch of standards implementation of intellectual property rights demonstration units, the industry's first high-tech digital exhibition hall, China's first put into practical operation of the low nitrogen boiler ...... party fast data demonstrate, to speak with strength.

3151, most of the hot water heating boiler how to select atmospheric pressure boiler manufacturers generally choose the company's main purpose is primarily used as a hot water heating. The choice of atmospheric heating boilers must pay attention to the choice of the manufacturer, good atmospheric heating boiler manufacturer for the late running of the boiler is a great help. For the selection of the boiler manufacturer must go through a detailed comparison. Atmospheric heating boiler manufacturers must choose to focus on corporate brand awareness, a good brand of boiler manufacturers, whether pre-or after-sale are doing is in place, so you can purchase the maximum extent possible to protect businesses in the timely installation of the boiler purchase and timely operation to protect the manufacturers. For the purchase of the boiler business conditions can be ground into the various boiler manufacturers site visits, the study results can be very intuitive compared to boiler manufacturers, this is the case, for the procurement of boilers companies choose how atmospheric heating boiler manufacturer also helpful.

The transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler common question is what low-nitrogen gas boiler in the transformation of what is a common problem? In order to solve the gas boilers fundamentally unacceptable emissions, low energy efficiency issues, many boiler to begin low-nitrogen transformation, and therefore inevitably encounter this or that problem in low nitrogen gas boiler reconstruction process. The following version will guide you through the four common problems Boilers nitrogen transformation. 1. What are gas boiler units need to be low-nitrogen transformation? The situation analysis, NOx emissions from boilers exceeds 80mg / m, NOx emissions from new boiler exceeds 30mg / m, the need for low nitrogen gas boiler transformation. 2. If the boiler does not fail to transform how to do? According to relevant laws and regulations clearly defined, since April 1, 2017, for boiler emission concentrations exceed 80mg / m + unit, punishable by a fine of 100 thousand to 1 million yuan less, the circumstances are serious, should be ordered to shut down. 3. transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler what good results are as follows:? (1) help to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler operation, reduce operating costs to a certain extent. (2) more conducive to achieve the environmental effects, the boiler long run more smoothly, reducing the portion of the waste disposal costs. How about the safety performance of low-nitrogen transformation 4. The gas boiler? Low nitrogen transformation process in boilers, burners can be replaced, installation and commissioning, it is necessary to conduct the test run, likely to cause boiler accident. However, if you strictly follow this procedure there is no problem, this is a reminder to customers that quality burner in the selection process should be dominant, and should not be judged solely based on price. In short, there may be many problems boiler transformation process, we need to control the transformation from the macro to do thorough.

Boiler house construction, arrangement of what issues need attention 1, ao smith burkay hot water boilers should generally be installed in a separate boiler room built. 2, boiler room should not be directly in many people gathered on both sides of the room (such as public bathrooms, classrooms, auditoriums, shops, restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.) or at the top, bottom, or the immediate neighborhood of the main evacuation port. 3, if the boiler room is connected to the house or building provided in the multilayer room, semi-basement, the first or top layer, then it must meet the following conditions: rated outlet hot water (1) is less than or equal to the temperature of the boiler 95 deg.] C; (2) each boiler shall have over-temperature alarm device; (3) an oil or gas-fired boilers to be installed reliable ignition and flame protection program control device; (4) maintenance and periodic testing of each boiler safety accessories, alarms, chain protection devices to ensure that they are sensitive, accurate, and reliable; (5) semi-basements and basement boiler room require a safety evacuation channel. 4, boiler room should not be located in high-rise buildings, but the conditions required in their basement, semi-basement, first floor or in the top, shall meet the conditions of paragraph 3 of this Article, shall meet the following conditions, and approved by the provincial labor department boiler and pressure vessel safety supervision organization. 1) single boiler rated thermal power is less than or equal 7MW; (2) must be made with oil or gas-fired boilers; (3) over-temperature alarm should each boiler and chain protection; between (4) boiler building structure should have the appropriate proof measures. (5) A boiler can not be connected, (B) and (C) using the plant fire hazard combustible liquid, but if when connected to other production plant, the group which can be installed rated boiler outlet water temperature is lower than 120 deg.] C and the boiler room and the production plant are separated by a firewall. Waste heat boiler is not so limited. 5, fire resistance rating of the boiler room of the building and fire safety requirements should be consistent with "architectural design code for fire protection" and "fire protection design of tall buildings," the relevant provisions. Exterior wall or roof of the boiler room should be at least equivalent to the boiler room area of ​​10% of the relief area (such as: windows, skylights, weak walls, etc.). Not many people gathered here and the room to make a direct channel, containing flammable, explosive or other connected room dangerous goods. 6, the boiler room should meet the following requirements: (1) arranged in the boiler room of the apparatus should be easy to operate, and service access; (2) the boiler room should have sufficient light and good ventilation, as well as the necessary protection against freezing; (3) should prevent water boiler; (4) in the boiler room the ground should be flat without a step; (5) boiler load bearing beam members and the like, should be a certain distance from the boiler or take other measures to prevent damage to the high temperature. 7, each boiler room should be at least two outlets, are provided on both sides. The total width of the front end of the boiler (the boiler comprises a passage between the inner) does not exceed 12m, and the area does not exceed 200m2 single boiler room and to be open only one outlet. Leading to the boiler room doors should open outwards outdoor, during boiler operation, are not allowed to lock or latch to live. 8, operating locations in the boiler room, as well as pressure gauges, thermometers, flow meters, etc., should have adequate lighting. 9, since the conditions required for the rise in the basement or multi-story building, floor or the top floor when the boiler room is provided, each nominal thermal power of the boiler should be less than or equal to 2.8MW, and the rated water temperature is less than or equal to 120 ℃.