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boiler for green house

Flame temperature in the furnace and is not proportional to the increase of the fuel amount. And production of a large number of tests proved that the boiler for green house from 50% of rated load to full load, the flame temperature rises in the furnace does not exceed 200 ℃, the maximum increase in Radiative heat transfer is not more than 80%. Since the fuel into the furnace to double, while the radiant heat absorption in the furnace wall increases of less than doubled. Although the load increases heat absorption convection heating surface increases, but since the radiation absorption heat absorption amount 95% of all water wall heat, convective heat absorption only 5%, the load increases, the heat absorption waterwall the proportion dropped.

Gas boiler for green house operation guide Note: With the rapid economic development, using the boiler as a power production equipment is not surprised, many factories will choose to use gas as a raw material gas boiler, to a certain extent, to meet quality, environmental protection, clean features, once the improper operation of the gas boiler, it is likely to cause explosion, then the gas boiler is running, what needs to pay attention to it.

April 8, 2019 China International Corrugated exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center, such as about the opening. Fast boiler for green house as China's "most influential brand of industrial boilers," was invited to participate in the exhibition.

3.Very high pressure in order of 140 kg/cm2 can be obtained smoothly.

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