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steam boiler for rubber factory

Winter is the peak heating heating, but also prone to accidents of special equipment such as boilers. To effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of accidents, equipment thorough investigation to eliminate safety hazards, Hunan Province to carry out safety hazards investigation work in the province within the boiler, boiler equipment and punishes the security measures are not in place.

Yueyang City bearing the brunt of the provincial government in response to the call for in food, pharmaceutical processing industry, boiler equipment, pressure vessels, pipelines, etc. investigation and remediation, further investigation and security risks, strengthen supervision, which ensures safe operation of special equipment.

Zhuzhou City, the relevant departments to implement the special equipment safety responsibility, collective interviews conducted meetings, some special equipment overdue inspection or rectification in place of business risks not to be interviewed. In order to urge them to get inspection reports in order to restore operation, to ensure the safe use of special equipment. But also warned of these enterprises, if not through legal regular inspections, not only safety and production are not effectively protected, will be severely punished.

The structural characteristics of the gas hot water boiler 1.WNS a horizontal type gas hot water boiler combustion wet back three return structure. 2. combustion chamber with 100% Fox corrugated furnace, boiler heating surface to increase and strengthen the furnace heat, thermal expansion of the boiler meet the need. 3. sufficient heat transfer area, provided threaded pipe, spoiler terminals, further improving the heat exchange efficiency, and with 10% overload capacity, thermal efficiency of 92% or more, with up to 95% of the economizer. The length and diameter of the flame of the burner, a combustion chamber with a reasonable size, fuel combustion more fully and completely, thus blackness boilers, black smoke, concentration, noise and other technical indicators are better than the national standard. The well-known international brands burner thermal power boiler, furnace diameter, length and considered the furnace overload capacity, selection of matching burners in Germany Weishaupt, Zach, OAK, Italy Decker, combustion flame length and thickness adapted to the furnace, the flame does not scour heating surface, and within the boiler furnace burner output back pressure curve has a greater overload capacity of the boiler, furnace large space structure facilitates fuel combustion flue gas reduce the concentration of contaminants, high combustion efficiency, combustion engine life more than 25 years. (1) Load optimal operation of the burner: using artificial intelligence algorithm, at different stages of loading, different from the stabilization of the load adjusting firepower, to optimize the load adjustment, in order to save fuel, to improve the boiler efficiency. After the purge time (2) burner settings: Active Control boiler running mode to improve security measures boiler. 6. shipped before full thermal performance test platform, four, full-performance test conditions.

In recent years, as the technology matures absorption heat exchanger, the heat exchanger using an absorption depth techniques may be implemented using waste heat of flue gas, the absorption heat pump system using a cryogenic cooling medium is generated, so that the exhaust flue gas temperature is lower, waste heat recovery more thoroughly, a lot of water vapor is condensed, energy saving and environmental effects are more significant, this technology route has been gradually recognized by the industry and concern. This technique is described in the literature, and heat transfer theory and experimental research, design and development facilities in respect of condensation heat transfer device system and waste heat recovery, and they are being successfully applied in several boiler room. As the amount of application of new technologies, more and more water vapor is condensed, contaminants carbon oxides and nitrogen oxides in the flue gas will be dissolved in the condensate, thereby reducing the discharged directly into the atmosphere each the amount of contaminants, the total emissions be? this technology enables the system the exhaust gas temperature is lower and lower, can achieve emissions below 30 deg.] C, reduce exhaust gas temperature affect the diffusion of pollutants? paper to study environmental emissions flue gas waste heat utilization technology depth, the findings will provide important reference for the promotion and application of technology.

If the poor quality of water treatment equipment boiler water treatment when used, water efficiency is not high scale and corrosion will accelerate the boiler. The main reason for this phenomenon is the improper use of the resin so that the final oxidation damage occurred; or the inner wall of iron boiler did not receive timely and appropriate treatment results in the occurrence of iron poisoning resin; then, or is the boiler water as a river before no filtering process, so that the resin is not blocked sludge can play a role in normal. 4. no attention to the PH value of the boiler water