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Question on fuel prices and a steam full automatic control boiler pellet boiler fuel consumption Answers: Fuel steam boiler, this a boiler is one of the site because of its product, it can not ignore its existence, should also be learning and understanding. Therefore, based on the specific requirements of this work we have already been started, and the following will be continued in order to advance the learning process of the product, so that we also benefit from the new harvest. 1. Fuel steam boiler, if the model is expressed as LSS2.0-1.0-Y, then its fuel consumption is how much? Fuel steam boiler, if the model is expressed as LSS2.0-1.0-Y, then, its specific name is for the vertical pipes Automatic fuel steam boiler, is the tonnage of 2 tons, the pressure is 1MPa. In which the fuel consumption, according to one ton per hour to 70 liters fuel consumption count, which is about 140 liters per hour.

Traps are generally installed in the full automatic control boiler pellet boiler which position? Boiler traps role recently have several customers to inquire trap in which position the boiler, play what role do? The following content is explained and illustrated Hengyu energy equipment technician made against these two issues. Steam case of condensation to form water is condensed into water to remain in the original equipment or system will cause operation steam pipe water hammer or vibration, we run do not want it condenses into water, but the system related equipment into steam when there are a warm-up process, during preheating, the steam temperature above ambient temperature or above system-related equipment in case of condensation will form water, we will promptly take it sparse, this is what we often say hydrophobic role of discharging the water trap is to avoid or reduce the vapor-liquid two-phase, rapid cooling and flushing equipment, causing damage, vibration or the like. Natural circulation oven set came in the early start can enhance water drum, water wall of water cycle, in order to facilitate the analysis can also be attributed to the ranks of water drainage. But generally not so called. Some feed water pump also turn on the water pump warm, this logic I should go water drainage. , The heating system circuit is formed, to ensure continuous heating capacity of the heating system. The heating pipes, air heater, the level of hydrophobic plus the like. The general effect of the trap in order to prevent excessive pressure level variations into the same vessel hydrophobic or hydrophobic anti-channeling cause vibrations, which facilitate a slow, free expansion, such as a collecting box provided different hydrophobic side platoon expansion furnace according to different pressure levels, machine high accident hydrophobic expansion plus side, the body hydrophobic expansion and the like. If the pressure level deviation is too large hydrophobic into the same container, the container is required to have a large enough expansion space, ensure that the pressure after the expansion is still lower than the lowest pressure when the maximum hydrophobic sparse amount of water. Drainage systems connected to put a lot of water pipe (which are mostly consumer-pressure drainage, the main purpose is not to warm the pipe so do not consider the issue of expansion), turn on the water should pay particular attention to these! In practical operation, the discharge should be considered connected to the same pressure level in the water pipe water drainage, avoiding anti-channeling drainage, in particular of a pressure-dissipating system is isolated from the other systems do maintenance measures eliminate pressure isolation to prevent channeling anti-scald soda !

Chengdu natural gas vertical-type gas hot water full automatic control boiler pellet boiler in the process of selecting our gas hot water boiler in selected, will be exposed to professional issues. Here, the authors talk about them with you. Gas hot water boiler gas hot water boiler expense of the costs, and the cost of the burner, accessories (pump, control panel, valves) charges integrated. The cost of gas hot water boiler affect the root causes, the cause is more important to: product brand different, factories, manufacturing techniques, testing, setup, steel selection and so on. Among the most main causes of the following: (i) hot water boiler manufacturers productive manufacturers of power, influence, quality merchandise. Because, a powerful enterprises, in addition to possession of many of the local component of the transaction, the exclusive right amount of skill. In addition, the strength, the product of many years of design. High and low, and commodity grade level pressure setting is great. A direct impact on the safety of goods to Japan adopted, resource conservation, reliability, and convenience degree. Selection of parameters grade steel 2 steel, is the focus of manufactured goods. The eligibility criteria steel, sealing of the gas hot water boiler is a solid utility ensured. Those second-tier brands using unqualified and non-standard steel, gas hot water boiler to produce goods, poor security, high operating costs, in addition to the presence of reliable risk, and operators, the time of purchase save money, although reduced, but unfortunately It refers to the loss of the palm. (Iii) the degree of automated manufacturing gas hot water boiler production process, welding, coil, fuse, most notably skills. These three techniques, the comparison must be to artificially manipulate, use automatic production capacity is very obvious strengths. Due to automated manufacturing, have advanced reliability, minimal mistakes. This also big brand gas hot water boiler merchandise, better than a small brand an important incentive. Because of its manufacturing return, but then set up close to the degree of success to reach a good standard instructions. ④ detection criteria that domestic large factories, there had not been passed rigorous product gas hot water boiler, factory testing process. Stress test is terminated, it qualified as a commodity. This is not quite as conscientiously fulfill the responsibility. Qualified test criteria, at least comprising: a pressure testing laboratories, experimental inert gas weld test, the degree of sealing of the test, and the trial period of the cycle. Indispensable, indispensable. This must be done only grasp ensure delivery of goods qualified operators, so that operators in Japan to use the time, put an end to non-compliant merchandise occurs, the pressure to conduct daily production operators. Ⅴ grade after-sales support of some second-tier brands, is No after-sales support. Attorney is responsible for all after-sales support. What, then some agency staff, almost no technical strength team for many years. After the occurrence of non-compliance, it will happen again and again prevarication, and the consequences simply can not handle. Above, that is, the cost of gas hot water boiler, the root cause of stress. Normally, competitive, good commodity cost of gas hot water boiler, gas hot water boiler burners plus, usually, every 700KW, pick million, or influence.

Recently, Tianjin issued a notice to expand the scope of the ban on high-pollution fuel combustion zone, which is based on high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban on the delineation of Tianjin in 2015, to further expand this range, Tianjin has completed the bulk of urban and rural coal clean energy alternative areas have been completed and no did not go to the construction of Wuqing classified as high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban, and to delineate new range of units street town combustion zone ban.

1, the implementation of zoning classification control. Still requires strict control within the range 2015 designated combustion zone ban, prohibited the use of a single steam of less than 35 t / h of coal-fired boiler, steam 35 tons / hr or higher requires a particularly coal-fired boiler for emission limits or ultra-low emission requirements, while a total ban on all kinds of loose coal burning.

2, ban on burning area has expanded. New ban on burning area of ​​3107.99 square kilometers, Binhai New Area and design Dongli, Xiqing, Jinnan, Beichen, Wuqing, Baodi, Ninghe 9 district and Haihe Education Park. After the adjustment, the city's high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban area of ​​830.54 square kilometers by 2015 increased to 3938.53 square kilometers, accounting for 33.05 percent of the city's total area.

3, clearly biomass fuel control requirements. According to local emission standards biomass fired boiler air pollutants Tianjin promulgated in 2018, re-notice provisions of the central city, Binhai New Area, the seat of government of other towns and other key areas of government regulations prohibit burning biomass briquettes .