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water tube vertical steam boilers

Types and uses of Hot Water boilersHot-water boilers include electric hot-water boilers, oil-fired hot-water boilers, gas-fired hot-water boilers and coal-fired hot-water boilers, etc. Hot-water boilers are boilers that produce hot water, which refers to the heat energy released from fuel combustion or other heat energy (such as electric energy). A thermal device that heats water to a rated temperature. Hot water boilers are mainly used for heating and bathing. The hot water boiler circulates the hot water of the heat preservation tank through the hot water circulation pump and heats the hot water of the water tank again and again so as to achieve the purpose of bathing. The hot water boiler circulates the hot water of the heating pipe through the hot water circulation pump, through the radiator (radiator) can meet the people's heating requirement; Water boiler and hot water circulation pump with heat exchanger can realize the double functions of bath and heating.

Burner failure is something many users will encounter gas boiler, but also a very difficult thing. Note that when the burner gas boilers emit different sounds and normal operation or different vibration frequencies, it is likely that the burner is faulty, fireman personnel to view and resolve promptly the job.

How to make the high-temperature waste heat water tube vertical steam boilers to be fully utilized: high temperature steam boiler invention relates to a high-temperature steam boiler, the furnace has a furnace shell, cloth horizontal water pipe furnace, the furnace has a tube below the bridge; the level indicator on the furnace enclosure, on the door, the water inlet tube, throttle, sewage and inspection opening, the fan port; furnace head with the furnace flue above the bladder, passes through the furnace enclosure section of the flue head, flue upper outer steam jacket, the upper end security access control, then the upper flue exhaust passage; multiple channel disposed within the U-tube flue, U-tube outlet connected to the steam outlet pipe. Furnace of the present invention over the furnace head contact with furnace flue communication, a large number of heat generated in the furnace through the connecting passage into the flue, the multi-channel U-tube heat absorption, heat fully utilized, greatly improving boiler efficiency; the boiler to generate steam, the steam enters the U-tube multi-channel, using the heat in the flue gas reheating steam, boiler steam temperature of 400 deg.] C, the boiler of the power was increased by three times.

In the low profit era of Chinese paper packaging industry, entrepreneurs have been turning their attention to internal management, increase business efficiency by saving energy. At present, the paper packaging industry equipment many of them appear old and comes with a variety of issues, in particular energy use seriously inadequate problem is solved and bear the brunt of reform issues. So we must make an effort in the use of energy, use energy-saving equipment for the industry, in order to solve the problem fundamentally.