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circulating fluidized bed boilers design and operations

Jitter causes and the role of the old and new circulating fluidized bed boilers design and operations conducting oil furnace exhaust valves appear: on specific types of boilers, in the following explanation will be involved in, for oil furnace this one. Because of its widespread use and it is a common and common species, so it is necessary to become familiar with and understand, so in order to achieve the correct use of the boiler, and access to good economic returns, so, so that we can benefit from it. 1. Small oil furnace, in which the temperature difference, the degree of control on how much is appropriate? Oil furnace, if it is small, then, based on past experience, is controlled at around 20 ℃ appropriate because, at this temperature, the boiler circulating pump power is not large, and also possible to meet the large hot portion requirements. And if it is a large boiler, then the temperature difference is not appropriate. 2. conducting oil furnace jitter, then, for the old and new boilers, as if on a specific reason? If oil furnace jitter phenomenon problem, then, in terms of the old and the new boiler, on the specific reasons, is not the same, because: If you are a new boiler, it may be conducting oil of boiling oil work not done, oil light components can not be discharged; if the old boiler, then, one boiler feed water, and equipment leaks, the second is the emergence of thermal oil cracking, so reducing the flow rate, and pressure - the over-temperature.

Details circulating fluidized bed boilers design and operations 4 t integral condensing gas introduced: integral means gas condensing boiler using condensing technology, energy in the boiler and a condenser disposed above the body, the new area saving gas boiler equipment. Compared with ordinary gas boiler, the biggest change is to improve the thermal efficiency, thus saving fuel investment costs.

Prohibit the circulating fluidized bed boilers design and operations room to store flammable materials needed to install a small amount of lubricating oil, cleaning oil drums, oil can be stored in a designated place, and pay attention to check for explosive combustion.

Since the occurrence of Zhangjiakou City, February 28th a tragic accident 15 tons of biomass circulating fluidized bed boilers design and operations explosion (caused 3 dead 7 injured), Hengshui High-tech Zone Branch of monitoring the quality of the region's rapid convening of an emergency boiler safety special rectification will deploy a total of more than 60 home boiler unit, install the unit to participate.

At the meeting of the relevant provisions of the "Special Equipment Safety Act" Publicizing a comprehensive and read the "Hengshui City High-tech Zone boiler special rectification action plan", will use a month's time, carry out a comprehensive risk investigation to ensure the region's security boiler . Special Inspection Branch of the provincial hospital Hengshui boiler room main person in charge of inspection requirements for boilers and risk points were explained in detail.

The meeting stressed that all units should deeply learn boiler explosion safety lessons from the accident occurred recently around the country, and continuously enhance the sense of responsibility, strengthen risk awareness, problem seriously put their own problems and routine regulatory inspection found hidden in a timely manner rectification, study and solve countermeasures. To step up publicity on the one hand, and the regulatory authorities to supervise boiler unit to improve the system and strengthen the boiler safety training to improve skills of workers boilers, prevent illegal operation; on the other hand, vigorously promote the special equipment and boilers and other laws and regulations use common sense, use boilers to improve safety awareness, enhance self-awareness and self-protection ability of the masses. By month renovation, so security was tubes, equipment information, personnel documents, maintain dimensional record. Meanwhile, the number of law enforcement agencies to investigate and punish illegal cases, the exposure of some illegal businesses, education, warning a number of luck in the use of units, and strive to create "Care for life, concerned about security," a good social environment.