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4 tons hour boiler economic

The causes of 4 tons hour boiler economic scale boiler water as a medium for heat exchange apparatus A specialty. During operation the surface of furnace and boiler water contact form thick layer of scale, over the years, people have dirt kinds of boiler scale due to the scale have been fully studied, introduced a variety of anti-scaling technology, but still not been completely resolved, while the development of antifouling cleaning technology, as an adjunct to maintain heating surface and the heat transfer surface. So, boiler scale is how did this happen? There are three main reasons: First, the boiler feed water impurities into the boiler, through continuous evaporation and condensation, boiler feed water, concentration of salts continuously increases, the degree of saturation or supersaturation, will be in the boiler metallic surface the precipitated precipitate. Second, with the increase of the boiler water temperature, the solubility of certain salts and inversely proportional to temperature, these salts at elevated temperatures, the solubility is drastically lowered opening formed scale. Third, the interaction of different salts or thermal decomposition to produce a compound difficult to dissolve. Boiler feed water in a continuous process of continuous evaporation, the pure water into steam by the boiler feeding the salt water continuous furnace substance was concentrated, the content of rising. When the boiler feedwater salinity level of saturation or over-saturation, salt materials will precipitate from the water, form a solid precipitate. Adhering a larger portion of their thermal load heating surface to form a hard or soft scale, another portion of the furnace was suspended in water with the boiler water circulating flows. When the heat receiving face of the poor circulation, the flow rate is low, then the deposition of scale on the heating surface to form a secondary, or deposited on the drum should not have high flow rates, a lower collection tank, dirt is formed, with the periodic sewage discharge from the furnace. Thus, generation of scale, in addition to the ingredients and contents of impurities in the boiler water related, but also to a large extent depends on the operating state of the boiler. The larger the water evaporation intensity, the higher circulation rate, the easier it is to generate water circulation easily broken loose precipitate, evaporation of the boiler assembly can reduce the number of scale on a surface. In contrast, evaporation intensity, the lower the cycle rate, the more easy to form scale on the surface of the evaporation boiler.

ZG hot water Boiler system calculate and compute appropriate 4 tons hour boiler economic sizing and capacities to suit any particular requirements, for Factories, Hospitals, Hotels, Health Centers, Food Processors, Textile Mills, and Vegetable Oil Mills, Cannes, Laundries, Saw Mills, Colleges, and Institutions etc.

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In fact, the price of the 4 tons hour boiler economic is only a manifestation of value, it does not determine the quality of the boiler; user in the choice of the boiler, or to use a comprehensive measure of all aspects of the boiler. 1, to understand the thermal efficiency of the boiler; 2, understand energy efficiency and energy-saving boiler degree; 3, to ensure the service life and operating conditions of the boiler; 4, what degree of intelligence.