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The purpose of the industrial boiler water treatment What are the specific purpose of industrial boiler water treatment has a specific purpose which boiler water treatment industry specific industrial boiler water which generally comes from groundwater or directly use tap water. Even if they look clean, but in fact contains a lot of impurities, boiler work easily lead to a lot of scale generated, affecting the thermal conductivity of the boiler, at the same time have a corrosive effect on metal structures of the boiler, boiler operation hazards. The main purpose of the timely processing of industrial boiler water is to reduce the harm of harmful impurities in the water or scale. The water quality has a direct impact on the work of the boiler. Fouling will result in thermally conductive boiler difference, steel contrast boilers, thermal conductivities only 1%, will seriously affect the thermal conductivity of the boiler, therefore, to raise the temperature of the boiler inner walls to protect evaporation, addition, it should increase blast volume boiler and the amount of coal feed, to enhance the exhaust heat consuming process, which can not be fully carbon coal combustion, combustion in the boiler will not significantly reduce the thermal efficiency. If the poor quality of the water will cause boiler corrosion, mainly in the following three aspects reflect: corrosion under the scale, oxygen corrosion and caustic embrittlement. Corrosion is mainly occurs in the inner walls of the boiler scale, iron ions contained in the water becomes high iron scale formation, leading to corrosion of the metal iron is accelerated under the scale, resulting in a new generation of scale, corrosion of iron finalized. In this regard, China has the exact requirements of the iron content in the water contained. Will result in poor quality or boiler fouling occurs Priming problems, and the main reason for the problem lies in the boiler water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ions dissolved solids and other organic matter and fats, calcium and magnesium ions causing boiler fouling Effect heat transfer efficiency, while priming seriously contaminated steam. In addition, the water level gauge prone to bubbles, causing the water level does not display, automatic water level control system failure, resulting in a threat to the security of the entire boiler work. Therefore, handle the boiler water is very important, which affects the safety performance of boiler work.

The article shows the comparative results of two fly ash from coal combustion in the CFB (circulating fluidized bed) boiler. Over the years the market for combustion by-products (CBP) has been constantly changing. It touches both the widening of the range of the fuels used and the direction and amount of the ash used in the cement and building industries, as well as in the road industry. Coal mines, one of the major mass recipients of fly ash have expe-rienced the temporary difficulties with access to the chosen types of ash, especially the most wanted ones showing the best binding properties, and at the same time the over-supply of CBP in power plants located within further from coal mines.

Recently, the China Engineering Co., Ltd. hot and fast Boiler Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides of the trust based on good, long-term development strategy for the two sides to consider, powerful alliances, work together to open up the market to achieve a win-win. China Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. is a consulting, design, general contracting, investment, development, management operations in one, involving multiple areas of integrated enterprise. Huare company has a municipal utility industry thermal qualification, professional qualification of city gas engineering, construction industry, construction qualification, design pressure pipeline GB1, GB2, GC2 qualifications, municipal utilities (gas and heating) consulting qualification, by continuously strengthen the quality management, establish a sound quality assurance system, and successfully passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, environmental management system certification.

Mostly used in the membrane wall water tube boiler, having a simple structure, save steel, insulation and air tightness better advantages.