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Our company processes in multiple new energy automobile production will need to heat, the boiler equipment we choose is really a headache, fast Boiler solve our urgent needs. The purchase of electric water boiler system is simple, easy to operate, easy to maintain, high thermal efficiency, saving a lot of operating costs for our company. --customer feedback

Domestic large industrial boiler plant which domestic large industrial boiler plant what? At present, the domestic boiler plant also appeared in effect set. Currently many small boiler plant due to backward technology, the market is gradually eliminated. For businesses, the purchase of the boiler, be sure to select large industrial boiler manufacturers do, so, whether it is early or late communication service are guaranteed. For the domestic large industrial boiler plant which, at present, like Chiang Kai-shek, Fang fast, Shuangliang, Zheng pot are currently relatively large boiler manufacturers. For enterprises, the selection of these big boiler manufacturers, it now seems quite reassuring, this is the case, the choice of the boiler industry also has a reference nature.

We calculated according to heat a ton of water was heated from 15 deg.] C to 50 deg.] C are required. Require heat: Q = 1000kg × (50 ℃ -15 ℃) × 1kcal / kg ℃ = 35000kcal conventional gas boiler thermal efficiency of the gas boiler ordinary gas consumption is now about 90% in about 1 cubic meters of gas heat is 8500kcal / m³. Then, 1 cubic meter of natural gas available heat: 8500kcal / m³ × 90% = 7650kcal / m³. 35000kcal calculated according to above mentioned 1 ton of water was heated from 15 deg.] C to 50 deg.] C needed, tons of hot water heated air consumption: 35000kcal ÷ 7650kcal / m³ = 5.2m³. Now on the market price of natural gas at 3.5 yuan float, each one ton of hot water needs heating costs: 3.5 × 5.2 = 18.2 yuan. Premix gas boiler air consumption side of the fast introduction of gas boiler, by the addition of premix combustion technique, fuel combustion more fully, and the condensing means located in the tail of sufficiently high temperature flue gas discharged from a boiler flue gas re-use, two portions of the heat the secondary absorbent melted, the thermal efficiency of up to 108%. Similarly, we follow one cubic meter of natural gas heat is 8500kcal / m³ is calculated. Then, 1 cubic meter of natural gas available heat: 8500kcal / m³x thermal efficiency of 108% = 9180kcal / m³. 35000kcal calculated according to above mentioned 1 ton of water was heated from 15 deg.] C to 50 deg.] C needed, tons of hot water heated air consumption: 35000kcal ÷ 9180kcal / m³ = 3.812m³. The current natural gas prices per cubic meter of float about 3.5 million, 1 ton of hot water is required per heating costs: 3.5 × 3.812 = 13.342 million. The data obtained is calculated in the case where the fuel gas boiler fully utilized, the practical application of heat loss will be part of a more or less gas, from many angles, so when calculating the actual gas boiler air consumption, calculated in this way it may be more in line with the value of the user's actual situation. By contrast to conventional gas boiler and gas consumption premix condensing gas boiler, we can see that under the same circumstances, and adding premix condensing gas boiler technology to save more fuel. Therefore, if you are facing difficulties to buy gas boiler, you may wish to go into the formula, and more to help you determine the level of the boiler.

The methods of combustion employed in the boilers vary depending on factors such as fuel used, type of boiler, capacity of boiler in terms of TPH etc. Among the several methods are- Hand Fired over Static Grate or Mechanical stokers such as Low Ram, Chain Grate, Travagrate, etc. In boilers having large capacities, i.e. 30 TPH and over, pulverized fuel is combusted through a jet of air in specific burner. One of the popular and efficient method of combustion used in today’s boilers/heaters is the concept of Fluidised Bed Combustion (FBC). A descriptive feature for the popularity of FBC technology is it can work efficiently with low grade coal quality for example Indian Coal, which generally has very high ash (up to 70%) and high moisture (up to 40%).The fluidized bed exhibits a few properties as liquids do1.The bed levels itself within the compartment.2.Objects when placed in the bed will either stay over the top or sink in the bed depending on its density.3.Addition of solid powder material gets distributed uniformly.4.The heat gets uniformly transferred throughout the bed when generated within a specific part.The technology of FBC has been used in the Chemical Engineering and processes for long time but its use in combustion has begun since last twenty years. While using the phenomenon of FBC in boilers and heaters, a fuel like coal, husk is continuously fed to the sand bed which is maintained at a temperature higher than required to ignite the fuel, which keeps the combustion self sustained. With control of air stream, velocity of air, its turbulence, feed rate of the fuel, high temperatures and efficiency can be achieved. This control of above mentioned properties if properly cared then the problem of clinker formation, fusing of sand and fuel to stones, can be avoided.Comprehensive discussion on the Start-up procedures, Stopping, Clinker are very beneficial to amateur boiler/ heater operators and engineers looking forward to work with Fluidized Bed Combustion Boilers/ Heaters. These procedures have been developed by professional operators of AFBC boilers. Although in today’s times, most high capacity boilers/heaters have advanced operations methods like SCADA, PLC which are programmed to automatically control many parameters based on current data, this basic knowledge is primarily important to understand the working of any FBC system. I have personally worked with several makes of FBC boilers and heaters all of which need this basic knowledge of operation apart from knowledge of boiler, heater, auxiliary equipments, instruments etc. found in the complete Heating system.