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boiler for 50mw thermal power plant

The pointing guide municipal environmental protection department, Wyatt can feel fit and wide use of liquefied natural sand boiler for 50mw thermal power plants produce of the land. According to speculation in advance, and that the appropriate use of liquefied natural sand boiler produces steam generated compared to gather steam power plant joint venture to buy North will increase by nearly 500 million in operating costs, the company will cause great economic burden. However, according to Kwong Yue greater good environmental policy and higher level departments, in order to protect the environment as any, immediately carry out technological transformation, liquefied sand boiler invested more than 100 million building naturally occurring.

It is reported that fast boiler for 50mw thermal power plant opportunity to help APEC summit, with more than Institute, universities collaborate to jointly develop the latest ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions control technology, nitrogen oxide emissions will be maintained at 33 mg / m within the scope of the emissions has exceeded European standards in the future, this technology will better serve the Beijing as well as the national gas boiler renovation project. "Our vision is to: continue to meet the energy needs of user convenience and energy saving, the fast boiler build the first brand of Chinese clean boiler future we will continue in different areas of ultra-low nitrogen, ultra-low dust, low noise, etc. continue to explore. in order to achieve greater results. "the technician said in conclusion.

calculations of boiler for 50mw thermal power plant efficiency

The effective heat utilization of the boiler per unit time as a percentage of the heat input to the boiler, or the percentage of effective heat used per kilogram of fuel (solid and liquid fuel), or the input heat per standard cubic meter (gas fuel) Thermal efficiency is an important technical and economic indicator of the boiler, which indicates the perfection and operation management level of the boiler equipment.

Prevent gas boiler for 50mw thermal power plant explosion focus is that all three at the same time not to reach a certain limit. Among them, air is everywhere, to get rid of this condition is very difficult, so the focus is concentrated in the explosion on the gas and heat. So, at this stage almost all of the gas explosion-proof technology has focused on how to deal with gas and heat.