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takuma bagasse fired boiler

How should I do in the event of lack of water sometimes cause a loss during operation fireman natural gas takuma bagasse fired boiler, in the end how to solve it how should I do when severe shortage of natural gas boiler when the boiler severe shortage of natural gas? How do we analyze today with severe water shortages natural gas boiler? During operation of natural gas boiler, generally there will be some of the most common failure, the most serious is the boiler water shortages, lack of water is the main cause improper operation fireman, a long time to leave their posts, not the normal water supply. When there is a serious lack of water, do not have an immediate psychological pressure water supply, this is not correct, because the furnace severe water shortages, the various components of horizontal steam boiler is already red, not water supply, must wait until the boiler temperature drop immediately down, square and feed water may access the various components is malfunctioning.

Cooperation with the fast takuma bagasse fired boiler really is a very correct decision of our hospital. The party quickly boiler shell not only provides us with high-quality and high-performance energy saving boiler coexist; also provides free installation and post operation and maintenance personnel training services for our system, very caring, thoughtful. --customer feedback

By the flue gas is added to the combustion products within the combustion zone, not only lowers the combustion temperature, NOx formation is reduced; simultaneously added to the flue gas reduces the oxygen partial pressure, which will reduce oxygen and nitrogen generating process of thermal NOx, whereby reduce the formation of NOx. Depending on the application of the principles, applied in two ways flue gas recirculation, and internal recirculation of flue gas are recirculated to the external smoke. For external flue gas recirculation techniques, the flue gas from the outlet of the takuma bagasse fired boiler via an external conduit, re-added to the furnace. According to the study, external flue gas recirculation can be reduced to 70% of NOx formation. The ratio of the outer loop NOx control effect has a greater impact, as the outer loop increases the proportion of NOx reduction rates are more obvious, but the electrical energy consumption for circulating air will also increase.

Chaohu select a satisfactory precautions own steam takuma bagasse fired boilers which are some of the many customers in the selection of a steam boiler own satisfaction, because there is very little experience, often do not know how to start. Because of the special multi-series steam boiler, building exterior difference, the difference between the manufacturers of most people and do not have to know how to choose its own satisfaction, here to teach you some of their own to select a satisfactory skills. First, select a correct their satisfaction with the steam boiler, steam boiler building must be clear, be sure to assemble the components in application debugging, it is also certain inspection and maintenance, so be sure to properly build will normally start. Secondly, each of which is a certain steam boiler steam pressure, but everyone in the application process, there will be some wear and tear, which a lot of attention to some units in a lot of attention when selecting their satisfaction with a steam boiler series, to calculate demand then select one of their own satisfaction. Thirdly, the first point is that there are a lot of steam boilers using components that have good complementary effect may be a good low energy consumption, save energy saving. Therefore, in selecting their satisfaction with a steam boiler, when in front of these synopsis will certainly be a lot of attention a lot of attention, so that it will select as their satisfaction with a product to the right, good and convenient application.