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Plywood Mill Industrial Steam Boiler

Real estate company fired hot water boiler project resolved in the moment boiler market, through a simple survey data, the use of gas hot water boiler in the building materials industry is relatively broad, facet Xiao Bian building materials company fired hot water boiler project for everyone to do a simple resolution. What do real estate company with gas hot water boiler? In general, do real estate projects with gas hot water boilers are mostly used for heating and heating. ? Real estate company selected gas hot water boiler measure Typically, real estate company in the choice of gas hot water boiler will be more factors to consider, probably divided into the following areas: purchase price and running (1) Gas hot water boiler for real estate companies, during the selection process of the boiler, ensure the quality and safety of the premise, the general will choose a relatively low price of boiler products. However, in this process, it should be borne in mind, like similar fixed industry, in the choice of pre-purchase price is important, but the running costs of the latter is more important, low operating costs, it is easy to back this within a certain period of time; but if the early blindly consider the low purchase price, regardless of the operating cost problem, in the latter part of the operation and maintenance, malpractice may be getting some of the obvious. The operating parameters (2) of the general gas hot water boiler, gas hot water boiler thermal efficiency, gas consumption, oxynitride and was discharged during operation, the water-related parameters, etc., are of concern to the customer places as these will directly affect the heating effect of heating boilers during use, etc., which are also for the maintenance and use of the latter part of the household to provide greater convenience. Of course, a good project taking into account factors far more than these, such as the installation conditions of the boiler installation, boiler venues such as the actual situation, no matter which dimension from consideration, a suitable model, steady state is safe and efficient operation of a the criteria of good projects.

Boiler water level adjustment method to adjust the boiler normal operation of the boiler water level to maintain steady drum level, should do the following: (1) to control the water level, water level must be carefully monitored, in principle, subject to a water level gauge to electrical contacts to monitor water level for the main meter. To maintain the water level in place clear and accurate. If the water level gauge mica or no rocked slightly unclear, flush water level indicator, each control level gauge regularly and accurately determine the change in water level the boiler. (2) at any time to monitor steam flow, water flow, pressure and water pressure drum major data found is not normal, immediately identify the reasons for timely processing. (3) If the water level more than ten 50mm, should adjust the door off a small water supply, reduce the amount of water, if it continues to rise to + 75 mm, should open the door turn on the water drainage accident to the normal water level, and investigate the cause. (4) water level is below normal operation -50mm, it is timely to open a large door increases the amount of water to adjust the water supply, the water level back to normal as quickly as possible, and to identify the reasons for timely treatment. (5) lifting the load unit, to start and stop the pump, high pressure heater or splitting, boiler blowdown periodically to empty or exhaust steam safety valve operating and accident conditions, respond to changes that occur ahead of drum water level is adjusted.

What is the water temperature control range of the hot water boiler? If it is chemically treated outside the pot, is there a requirement for the total hardness of the feed water?

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