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2014 bidragon heat transfer fluids boiler

Industrial plant 2014 bidragon heat transfer fluids boiler cleaning method which: industrial plant boiler cleaning method What? For industrial boiler plant, the run for some time are to work descaling, if not timely cleaning, for normal operation of the industrial boilers, will have a great impact. Clear boiler scale methods, mainly mechanical descaling and chemical descaling two kinds. Mechanical descaling by the people directly into the drum, spatula or heating surface cleaner to remove scale. However, this method is labor intensive, easily damaged heat transfer surface roughness increases heat transfer surface, not completely clear, it has been rarely used. Chemical cleaning commonly used cleaning and corrosion hydrochloric acid two alkali cooking method, cleaning method which should be taken according to the kind of fouling layer. Alkali cooking method is run in the soda furnace (of Na2CO3), caustic soda (NaOH), or trisodium phosphate, longer times boiling out at normal operating pressure.

Popular speaking, the principle is the condensing gas 2014 bidragon heat transfer fluids boiler (typically at about 140 deg.] C) for energy recovery by means of the hot flue gas after a certain boiler combustion emissions, exhaust gas temperature after the recovery of only about 60 ℃, such increased thermal efficiency of about 10%, naturally saves about 10% of the gas; while the energy recovery process, but also possible to reduce harmful emissions, reduce environmental pollution.

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Explosion-proof door configuration is useful for the pressure hot water 2014 bidragon heat transfer fluids boiler? Due to the recent frequent accidents boiler, boiler explosion-proof system has therefore not be missing during boiler installation, then, for pressure hot water boiler is concerned, whether it is useful to configure explosion-proof door it? Generally speaking, pressure hot water boiler no pressure, temperature is not so high, will not achieve what conditions explosion formed, therefore, its configuration is optional. However, One thing to note, because the boiler using the actual needs of the site, a lot of pressure hot water boiler would be wrong to use standard pressure, but specific accessories, hardware or standard atmospheric pressure, so often at this time pressure hot water boiler safety performance can not be effectively guaranteed, then it is very prone to the phenomenon of boiler explosion.