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how to clean water boiler in industrial

The meeting of "open innovation, create brilliant" as the theme, highlighting the fast boiler open to innovation-oriented, and look forward to dealers around the partners jointly casting a bright future for the fast side of tomorrow's development goals. Mr. Lu Haigang president issued a welcome speech, reviewed the party and lead the fast group since its inception, all the way through the clutter, to ride, to now become a memorable moment every premier industry leader in the clean boiler market.

Explosion vent gas boiler embodied in effect: the ignition or gas boiler operation, improper operation, such as a furnace purge is not performed before ignition, ignition vain not completely clean the chamber, nozzle leakage and so on; or imperfect combustion of fuel, extinguished when unable to quickly cut off fuel so it may cause the furnace and backpass explosion. When installing a gas boiler blast doors, you can make the furnace flue or mild explosion occurred, the relief on their own to avoid the accident and to ensure the safety of industrial steam boiler furnace walls especially. Gas boiler explosion-proof doors are indispensable security accessories.

The four pipeline leak explosion occurred once the boiler will increase unplanned outage losses, increased maintenance workload, and sometimes may lead to accidents, seriously affect power plant safety, economic operation. Visible, to prevent leakage of boiler four is the need to improve the reliability of thermal power generating units, is the need to improve the economic efficiency of power generation equipment, but also the need to create a thermal power plant. Cause boiler, "four" causes more leakage, which wear, corrosion, overheating, crack is the leading cause of four leaks. How to run the personnel to determine the specific parameters from the leak site accurately, the premise is to improve the treatment effect of the accident.

Outside the principle of gas steam boiler precautions as routine maintenance What? In this regard gas steam boiler, the content it contains is very large, so today or continue content in this area, is divided into two aspects, one is the boiler considerations, the second is the routine maintenance of gas steam boiler . Well, since understanding of the content will be introduced, following on to concrete expansion, so that we can learn more knowledge content gas steam boiler. Notes 1. Gas-fired steam boilers (1) Gas-fired steam boiler at the factory, should be accompanied by quality certification, safety instructions and other supporting information. (2) Installation of gas steam boiler, repair and renovation should be obtained qualifications in this area for the job, not blindly, to avoid problems. (3) gas steam boiler can be used to register after the registration, and the job to be performed by professional. (4) the operator while operating the boiler, and eight systems should abide by the rules and six records. (5) Gas-fired steam boiler and safety accessories to be tested on a regular basis, no test can not be used. Routine maintenance of gas steam boiler 2. (1) Gas gauge steam boiler, water gauge, safety valve, sewage plant, the steam supply valve and the valve or the like, to be examined, which meets the performance requirements. (2) Automatic control device system also checks whether the compliance requirements. (3) gas steam boiler feed water system, but also is possible to meet the inspection requirements. (4) the blower, fan, damper, etc., are intact, working. (5) Gas-fired steam boiler should be regularly checked once a problem is found to be in time, so as not to affect the normal operation.