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An inner wall gas industrial boiler tech leakage: the inner wall of the drum into the leakage water leakage and also the provision of water cooling pipe leakage and decreased, if the former eye is relatively small leakage can be the same Wabu steel, after Patching flaw detection. Leak needs to be replaced before the tube, replacing a large area. Second, the hand hole leaking gas boiler: re-try transducer mounted at an angle, to see if there is a hand hole cover deformation, if deformed, the first correction, green tape and then wrapped in a layer of the uniform mat, recommendations and consistent position before overhaul. Third, within the gas leaking boiler drum: the higher cost of repair costs, mainly to see the location and size of the leak leak point where, if the old boiler appears oozing red pot of water, indicating that water quality problems, probably because of low alkalinity or dissolved oxygen in the water is too high and metal corrosion. Low alkalinity can adding sodium hydroxide or trisodium phosphate to a pot of water, dissolved oxygen in water is too high to be resolved by the deaerator. Fourth, the leaking gas boiler water treatment system: first check whether the gas boiler corrosion, if you need to descaling the boiler corrosion, leaks repaired part, and then circulating water treatment, adding agents, equipment and other materials were boiler corrosion, resistance dirt, protection. V. Inner boiler flue gas leak: check is not the boiler tube or tube sheet due to cracks, if the need to change the pipe, see Wabu flue used material, aluminum, and stainless steel may be carbon steel or aluminum wire TIG iron material may be directly acid electrode. Sixth, gas boiler leaking valves: Valves leaking should be home packing or replace the valve.

Top pressure hot water industrial boiler tech pressure hot water boiler safety features through the air inlet, the furnace pressure is always consistent with the ambient atmospheric pressure, itself is quite safe, the explosion of the situation does not occur in normal use. However, some of the pressure hot water boiler is not comprehensive enough understanding of users, in the actual operation of the boiler will ignore a lot of considerations which led to a lot of accidents. Here are some things small series finishing section pressure hot water boiler safety should avoid the use, hoping to help you. 1, when the atmospheric pressure by some users will use the boiler when the boiler or directly with the water closed loop heating system, the boiler and the atmosphere exhaust pipe as figured using the return pipe, in this way possible for the user It will be more simple, but this time the boiler is in a very dangerous state of full water pressure. This closed loop mode, there are two hazards: First, when the boiler water temperature is too high, the steam produced can not be discharged furnace, which furnace pressure will continue to rise, explosions and spills can happen at any time. Second, even if the boiler water temperature is not high, it does not produce a large amount of steam, but the role of a circulation pump, the boiler body is subjected to high pressure hot water circulation. 2, pressure hot water boilers into steam boilers some users will privately pressure hot water boiler to steam boilers, the boiler body to the atmosphere exhaust pipe means mounted directly above steam and exhaust pipe the installation of control valves; some are mounted on the exhaust pipe after the valve control, direct access to water from the boiler or put a hot water bath, which is the cause unsafe operation of the boiler. If you turned off the boiler control valve operation, in the case of rising pressure, pressure hot water boiler is highly explosive, the consequences could be disastrous. 3, product quality varied pressure hot water boiler manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, the situation of supply exceeding demand gradually appearing on the market, inspired some manufacturers lower prices vicious bad guide; some manufacturers and weak technical force, poor manufacturing quality, even cut corners , gave boiler had a negative impact. Pressure hot water boiler in the design, manufacture, installation and operation are the late effects of boiler safety and reliability factors, the pressure hot water boiler for the safe and stable operation at customer sites, should pay attention to the following questions. Design and manufacture of boiler pressure hot water boiler departments should conduct in-depth and meticulous research, according to its combustion, heat, smoke wind flow, hydrodynamic, designs have to adapt to atmospheric pressure operation boiler and heating system characteristics, to ensure normal pressure hot water boiler can be maintained at atmospheric pressure under any conditions or micro-pressure state; a reliable system designed to fit the characteristics of the boiler, pressure hot water boiler heating system to ensure safe and reliable operation; strengthen routine use pressure hot water boiler management. Establish training management system boiler fireman, avoid low-level operators, improper operation caused a serious accident.

Recently, Shandong Province, issued a "thermal power plant air pollutant emission standards (DB37 / 664-2019 instead of DB37 / 664-2013)". Standards will be implemented on September 7, 2019.

First, the standard applicable to the use of a single output 65t / h or more layers in addition to coal-fired burner, furnace stoker boiler or steam generator; single output 65t / h or more oil, gas, or steam generation boiler; single output 65t / h or more power using steam boilers other fuels; pulverized coal fired boilers of various capacities; various capacities gas turbine. Gas turbine integrated gasification combined cycle power generation is performed in this standard gas turbine exhaust gas as a fuel limit.

Environmental Impact Assessment II. This standard is applicable to the existing project management of emissions of air pollutants, as well as the above-mentioned new construction, renovation, expansion projects, environmental protection facilities design, environmental protection facilities acceptance, pollution permits and air pollutants after putting into operation emissions management.

Steam industrial boiler tech in the boiler room operation in energy-saving power equipment mainly refers to the steam boiler feed pumps, hot water boiler circulating pump, fill water pumps, blowers, water pumps make life on Cleaner coal equipment. Electricity ranks second in heating costs fee. How to achieve energy-saving boiler to run it? Measures to reduce the power consumption of the boiler apparatus as follows: 1, the steam boiler feed pump, circulation pump hot water boilers, boiler drum by a fan apparatus main power frequency to frequency modulation, frequency conversion device start after stopping, of greatly reduced mechanical shock and grid current, improve equipment Kai, safety stop. After the devices using frequency conversion technology, significantly saving boiler than the frequency of 30% energy saving device. Frequency intelligent control of high precision, the water feed pump pressure error can be controlled within 0.01MPa. 2, instead of the motor drive circulation pump hot water boiler industrial steam turbine. 3, strengthen the management of electrical equipment, prohibited device "big horse car", part of the equipment can be run on intermittent intermittent operation, energy-saving equipment, elimination of large energy-consuming equipment, lighting do people go out the lamp, lamp often destroy Wait. 4, the use of scientific management, improve the heating network operation and management. The measure of the level of heating network hydraulic imbalance degree level are: water balance, disorders of 1. Is greater than or less than 1, the heating temperature is not lower energy consumption increase. There are many units employed operated flow balancing valve, the control valve is adjusted manually, preferably for energy saving effect. 5, the boiler room equipment arrangement should be reasonable, and reduce the length of the elbow channel number, smoke duct in order to reduce resistance loss.