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thermax boiler for sale

Under the new economic era, serious product homogeneity, after-sales service is another important indicator selected by the user of the product. Fast thermax boiler for sale service customer service center escalating form, by telephone 400, after-sales network, remote monitoring, repair and other micro-channel multi-channel, multi-form to provide users with convenient and efficient service. To allow users to have more expertise in gas boiler operation, operation, security and other aspects, fast Boiler Group launched the safe operation of free training Week in April 2017, the first phase of training has been successfully concluded.

Hot water thermax boiler for sale circulating water system should have the following hot water circulation pump suddenly stopped to prevent the furnace water vapor and water hammer is provided with a check valve 1. protection bypass duct between the circulating pump inlet and outlet pipe , its diameter should be similar and the manifold, and the bypass passage cross-sectional area of ​​not less than 1/2 of the cross sectional area of ​​the main pipe; valve flow direction should be consistent with the direction of flow of the pump. 2. Set weight of formula inching valve in the inlet pipe section of the circulating pump, drain pipes which overpressure can open the access to the tank or drain. Second, hot water boiler circulating water system is also designed to meet the following requirements: 1 should be mounted on each cut-off valve or valve outlet pipe boiler, boiler feed water, the supply should be located on the water shut-off valve and check valve. 2. The hot water boiler is running in parallel, the control valve to be provided on each boiler inlet, so that the deviation of parallel boiler water temperature does not exceed 10 ℃. 3. The portion of the high boiler outlet pipe should be installed and easy accumulation of gas and an exhaust gas collection means, not less than an exhaust valve DN20.4. Low system and the lower recesses, should be arranged drain valve and drain pipes . The hot water system should be water pipe back to facilitate the installation position Qingtao decontamination, before and after the decontamination and closing the valve should the pressure gauge, and a small charge of 1 to 2 ratio of the bypass pipe. 6. The boiler should be provided with a plurality of trap and sump for hotspots, catchment trap and drain valve shall be arranged, thermometers, pressure gauges.

The large plant CFB steam thermax boiler for sales will use ZG’s unique modular CFB design that provides efficient operation, low emissions and fuel flexibility.The boilers will be built using bottom-supported modules that allow for the use of smaller cranes and yield a fast erection schedule.The design of the CFB steam boilers will be similar to the CFB boiler used on the Power Station in Australia.

Nameplate rated steam pressure thermax boiler for sale should be greater than the sum of the steam supply pipe resistance and operating pressure needed for the production.