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cara perhitungan pemakaian batubara untuk boiler

To run the oil-fired cara perhitungan pemakaian batubara untuk boiler is working properly, we must do a series of preparations before starting the boiler, ensure that no preparations in place because they do not lead to oil combustion of problems. Among the key work is to examine the main, fast boiler gives you a summary inspection before the start of the following 11 oil-fired boiler, want to help you better control the boiler.

Safety operating procedures for steam cara perhitungan pemakaian batubara untuk boilers

Steam boiler is one of the most important equipment for production and life. The boiler room is a key part of my unit. Steam boiler in use has the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure. If mismanaged, accidents will occur, resulting in casualties, production disruptions, schools and the country will bring serious losses. Therefore, every furnace and maintenance personnel in the work at all times maintain a high sense of responsibility, ensure normal operation of the boiler, strict compliance. First, strictly abide by the position system of furnace workers, bring into play the spirit of unity, mutual support and love. Second, do well boiler and equipment maintenance, often keep boiler room clean and tidy, strive to save coal, water, electricity. Three, Maintain specified pressure, temperature and no overpressure in boiler operation. Pay attention to the false water level. Keep in mind the piping system, valve distribution position and open valve condition in operation. The valve shall be opened or closed gradually on the side of the handwheel when the valve is opened and closed. Attention should be paid to the abnormal operation of the old boiler and the precursor of the accident, and the cause of its occurrence and the prevention and treatment methods should be understood. If necessary, take emergency shutdown and emergency treatment. Keep in mind the action of the switchboard buttons, stop the furnace without residual pressure and cut off the total power supply.

The standard ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME cara perhitungan pemakaian batubara untuk boiler in line with accepted standards of most countries. Such as North and South America, the Middle East, the Philippines and other countries. 1, the European Union as a separate area, in line with PED directive boiler is the basic condition to enter the EU. 2, India is a big country in South Asia, is also a major importer of boilers, boiler if you want to enter India, India must conform to the boiler rules --IBR. 3 Australian states have their own special requirements for boilers, but also must meet AS standards. 4, Malaysia DOSH execution standards, substantially similar to the ASME standards. 5, Russian zone using Chinese standards, but to do a CUTR certified to entry.

In early 2019, Hebei Province Department of Finance summarized the draft 2018 budget and financial performance in 2019 budget, which states that: 2019 in terms of air pollution control to invest 8.23 ​​billion yuan, the focus for rural clean heating, open pit mine remediation, new energy vehicle application, shutting down out of thermal power and other aspects. Specific details are as follows.

First, support for air pollution control

Continue to increase investment, air pollution control for the central funds 6.372 billion yuan, accounting for 31.9% of the total size of the national capital, the total ranks first in the country; the provincial capital issued 8.93 billion yuan, an increase of 6.78 billion yuan over the previous year, investment as the largest ever. Strong support "double generation" implementation of the project, the timely disbursement of rural "double generation" subsidies 6.627 billion yuan to protect people's warm winter; newly acquired Handan, Xingtai, Cangzhou, Zhangjiakou City 4 become a pilot clean warm winter, the province currently 8 atmosphere contamination of the transmission channel and the city of Zhangjiakou city have all been incorporated into the national pilot for three years will receive a total of 14.1 billion yuan of central funds.