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steam boiler generation capacity 6000 kg hr steam pressure 54kg

Gas-fired hot water boiler, can it meet the heating and bath requirements at the same time? How does it add a bucket for circulating hot water? Gas-fired hot water boiler is a kind of boiler, which can meet the requirements of heating and bathing at the same time. As long as the heat exchanger is installed in the boiler piping system, the above requirements can be achieved. As for how to add a bucket as a circulating hot water device, in fact and simple, only a can, and then connected with the boiler effluent, but need to add a pump, in order to ensure normal use and have a good use effect.

300000 calories of gas-fired hot water boiler, its heating area, is 3000 square meters, the boiler price is about tens of thousands of yuan, specific but also depends on the type of combustion machine, because of the different combustion machine, its boiler price is different. Gas-fired hot water boiler, its basic operation requirements, is to be able to long-term small and stable operation. In addition, boiler installation, use and calibration should be carried out in accordance with the prescribed requirements. In addition, boiler water quality should meet the requirements of GB1576 (Industrial Boiler Water quality).

Why do some treated water softening, water or exceeding it?

In general, some of the water from the boiler to the well water, river water or tap water, which contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium ions in water, the water, if not treated, is heated directly in the boiler, the boiler will cause precipitate adhered to the wall or elbow, reduce the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler, the boiler will result in localized uneven heating affect of the boiler and even reduce the life of the boiler.

Fast boiler is a research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, adhering to the "do professional, responsible for cleaning boiler systems integration provider" business philosophy, creating a series of excellent quality boiler equipment, such as WNS series gas (oil) boiler, SZS series of gas (oil) boilers, electric boilers and so on; second to none in the area of ​​the National clean boiler. But we never had stalled the pace of independent research in recent years, the introduction of movable type boiler, after obtaining a favorable investment market.

How to calculate the heat boiler feed: to know the parameters of boiler steam, such as boiler pressure and boiler temperature, and then by checking the Mollier chart, it is determined that the enthalpy steam parameters, i.e. heating value, typically kJ units, divided by 10 GJ ^ 6 is the number, and then multiplied by the hourly production of steam boiler generation capacity 6000 kg hr steam pressure 54kg is the boiler for heat.