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Manufacturers 1t Diesel Boiler

Currently, the group is still in the process of transformation and upgrading, will gradually realize electronic process control, research in the complex environment of welding technology. Members of the delegation of our company in the integration of the use of digital depth workshop, scientific electronic dispatch enterprise-level human-machine ring material widely used method as well as cloud, big data and the Internet of Things has left a very deep impression. Future, fast side will continue to increase investment in scientific and technological research, efforts to enhance business intelligence production equipment, in order to deepen station machines, welding robots, represented workshop infrastructure. As "Anyang manufacturing", "Henan to create" to contribute their strength.

In the slaughterhouse of one of our customer were installed to provide energy for domestic hot water generation and heating by horizontal steam manufacturers 1t diesel boilers.

ZG is a waste heat manufacturers 1t diesel boiler manufacturer in china and committed to the boiler research in recent years,So ZG have technology advantage in waste heat boiler manufacture.ZG supply many different type waste heat boiler include hazardous and medical waste heat boiler,cement kiln waste heat boiler etc .ZG exported a 35 ton waste heat boiler to Kazakhstan recently and the waste heat boiler have been put operation well.

Hot water manufacturers 1t diesel boiler operating principle: the hot water boiler are performed simultaneously in two parts "pot" and "furnace", after the water into the boiler, soda system heat boiler heating surface will absorb transferred to the water, the water heated to a certain temperature and pressure generating hot water or steam, it is drawn applied. In the combustion apparatus part, continued burning of the fuel releases heat, high temperature flue gas produced by combustion heat propagation, heat transfer to the boiler heating surface, the temperature was gradually lowered itself, and finally discharged from the chimney.