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steam boiler nbc

A different structure and configuration of the DC natural circulation boiler furnaces, it has no drum, it is to rely on pressure to pump working fluid sequentially heating surface tubes through the boiler economizer, evaporator and superheater heating surface once all the water is heated into superheated

2, unstable gas consumption

When the production process is unstable gas consumption can be calculated based on the actual amount of steam case, given the case of small loads and shutdown of the boiler, air consumption of the boiler is determined by the production process. If the instantaneous gas consumption is too large, you need to be prepared, you need to pay special attention to the selection of boiler, steam storage tank can also be configured to meet production needs.

Beijing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. is China's first to operate independently and gain new energy automobile production qualification of new energy auto companies, mainly engaged in new energy vehicles and key parts and components research and development, production, sales and service business segments, and the layout intelligent manufacturing, energy management, smart travel, Internet +, and other strategic emerging industries. In the new energy automobile manufacturing process, and a series of paint drying processes can not do without the help of hot water boiler. Due to the company before the device has reached less than the growing production needs, the introduction of the 2017 mid-tail electric company producing heating pressure hot water boiler (CEDR0.7--95 / 70-Ⅱ).

Sinter Cooler Waste Heat Boiler for sale Advantage

Use of this type of waste heat boilers can reduce energy consumption in sintering process,promote resource conservation and rlower the production cost for the enterprises,successfully solved the fouling,wear,leakage problem of waste heat boiler,at the same time this type of waste heat boiler is with a certain degree of adaptability for the flue gas temperature,flue gas dust.enable the enterprise to more competitive advantage.