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steam generation calculation from heat recovery boiler

WNS type steam generation calculation from heat recovery boiler fuel vapor Introduction Introduction: WNS horizontal steam boiler fuel type internal combustion quick three-pass fire tube boiler. Furnace using offset wet back structure, high temperature flue gas flushing sequentially the second and third return pipe tobacco, and then discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney of the smoke chamber. Activities before and after the boiler is equipped with smoke cover, the boiler easy maintenance. Boilers with good technical performance burner using combustion automatic ratio adjustment, automatic adjustment of water supply, the program start and stop, automatic operation and other advanced technology, and having a low water level and low level alarm, high vapor pressure, such as automatic flame protection . The boiler has a compact, reliable, simple, quick installation, low pollution, low noise, high efficiency. Installation Preparation: 1, determine the installation location, the unit must have a pot boiler installation boiler installation qualification certificate in line with the scope of the installation of the higher authorities issued. 2, to register. According to "Steam Boiler Safety Supervision Regulations" provides boiler units should use one by one to register. Boiler unit boiler installation work should be specifically responsible, responsible to get in touch with the local supervisory bodies boiler, installation fill this book. Fireman when they need to participate in the boiler installation, and with a plumber, fitter, rigger, cold work, and welders and helpers. 3, organization staff learn to install technical measures, safety precautions, and become familiar with the boiler drawings and technical documents. 4, before the deal with boiler installation boiler, combustion equipment, components, auxiliary equipment, inspection and acceptance by drawing attachment, make a record, is found not to comply with the relevant standards should be made to the factory. Repair Method: 1, note the following points in the boiler during operation: (1) does not allow pressurized combustion furnace or smoke. (2) non-water boiler bottom ground plane 2 to prevent wet etching, boiler every 2-3 weeks should be checked once. 3, boiler run every 3-6 months after the shutdown should conduct a comprehensive inspection. (1) on the inside and outside boiler inspection, as part of the pressure welds, corroded steel inside and outside the phenomenon, if found should be repaired in a serious flaw, if the defect is not serious to be repaired also shutdown the next time, if there is suspicious, but does not affect safety during production, should make records for future reference. (2) can be checked and the water boiler primer coating to prevent corrosion. 4, boiler and boiler base paint at least once a year. 5, the maintenance of the boiler often unused methods: dry and wet two kinds, one month shutdown, care should be taken dry method, wet shutdown can be less than one month regimen. Maintenance: 1, dry regimen: the boiler furnace shutdown to discharge water, the inside completely remove the dirt, rinse, drying in the furnace with Weihuo (be careful not to fire), and a diameter of 10-30 mm in size block sub-plate installed lime, placed in the drum, without contacting the metal with lime, quicklime weight, calculated to the drum 8 kilograms per cubic meter volume, and then all of the manhole, the pipe valve closed hand holes, each check the three months, such as lime ingredients like broken, i.e. the need to replace, should be re-run the boiler and the lime disk unloading. 2, wet regimen: After Shutdown of the water discharge released, the internal completely remove the dirt, rinse, refill treated water to the full, the water was heated to 100 deg.] C oven, so that the water discharge gas outside of the furnace, and then close all valves, cold climates where moisture can not support the use of law, so as not to damage the boiler furnace water freezes.

As a leader in the fast side condensing gas steam generation calculation from heat recovery boiler, in recent years, provide a clean boiler to Beijing multiple office units, was well received. I units through the preliminary investigation and contrast, select fast boiler, it turns out, party fast product does have quite a good cleaning environmental performance, in line with the Beijing municipal government requirements for air pollution emissions, the use of very at ease. --customer feedback

Globally, waste disposal is definitely a headache for all countries. Every year, the amount of municipal solid waste generated by various reasons is huge. Generally, most of these garbage will be treated by incineration, which also causes many problems such as the generation of a large amount of harmful gases. The development of waste incineration waste heat steam generation calculation from heat recovery boilers has played a good role in solving this problem. According to the characteristics of the garbage treatment process, the waste heat boiler produced by ZG boiler has a very important role in preventing the formation of harmful substances of dioxins. At the same time, the waste heat boiler has good adaptability to waste incineration flue gas and has excellent economic performance.

Gas consumption of gas-fired steam generation calculation from heat recovery boilers, is mainly related to what? The gas consumption of gas-fired boiler is mainly related to two aspects, one is boiler load, the other is boiler thermal efficiency. Because they have a direct impact and relationship with these two, therefore, this specific conclusion will be reached. Moreover, in practical operation of boiler, excessive load and low thermal efficiency of boiler should be avoided, so as not to affect gas consumption of gas-fired boiler.