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What should we pay attention to when choosing and purchasing boilers in boiler manufacturers

Generally speaking, if an enterprise wants to purchase a set of boilers of good use and reliable quality, it must first find a regular boiler manufacturer, because professional boiler manufacturers will have a variety of different types and types of boilers for the enterprise to choose from. So the enterprise can choose the boiler that can satisfy the production according to the actual demand, but need to pay attention to these things in the process of purchasing.

1. Attention should be paid to the structure of the boiler when the boiler manufacturer selects and buys the boiler, because the installation and commissioning of the boiler should be involved in the process of use. It is necessary to add water and fuel during operation, as well as regular maintenance and maintenance, so that the reasonable structure is conducive to the development of these matters. Moreover, the boiler with reasonable design structure can save more energy and save energy for enterprises.

2. Pay attention to the boiler selection because each kind of boiler has rated steam pressure, and in the actual use will also produce a certain loss, so enterprises in the boiler manufacturers when selecting and purchasing boiler should pay attention to the choice of the appropriate type, Therefore, the calculation of the power required for production should be accurate 1. and then the loss caused by the resistance of the pipe should be added. The calculated steam pressure should be compared with the rated pressure of the selected type to ensure the selection of a suitable boiler.

3. Note that there are many supporting equipment for boilers, some of which can play an auxiliary role in the combustion of boiler fuel, while others can reduce consumption and save energy. Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to the boiler equipment when selecting and purchasing, on the one hand, we should consider the practicability of the function, on the other hand, we should also consider whether to match the production needs of the enterprise.

The heating system of our country basically adopts the way of small boiler distributing heating, the boiler efficiency is low, the energy utilization rate is poor, the environment pollution is serious, and the choice with scale and site is more flexible, as well as less uncertain factors and less investment. The central heating of the regional boiler room with short construction cycle and rapid investment benefit can save fuel and improve the utilization rate of energy. Central heating in regional boiler room is a kind of centralized heating mode in which high efficiency and large capacity boilers are used instead of scattered small boilers. Central heating is a way of heating from a large heat source to one or more large areas or industrial enterprises through a heating pipe network. It consists of a heat source, a heat network, and a Hot user composition.

Our company in the choice of boiler products, attaches great importance to the quality of emissions and steam boilers, boiler low emissions of pollutants party provides fast, good steam quality is superior boiler products. --customer feedback

A typical representative of the products are fire tube boilers WNS series of horizontal combustion chamber combustion boiler, the boiler is characteristic of such a simple structure, the nominal amount of evaporation in the range of 1-35 tons, Kai furnace boost rapid, relatively boiler water quality requirements low.